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New Copper Jewelry

Today I will show you my latest creations in copper earrings. I like to work with many different kind of materials, and copper is so beautiful together with the gemstones.

ImageCopper hook earrings with facetted blue chalcedony and white jade

ImageCopper hook earrings with watermelon tourmaline and yellow jade

ImageCopper hook earrings with turquoise and white pearl

At my walk with Odin today we found the most beautiful white flowers, I needed to take a photo for sharing with you, dear readers and followers

ImageI hope, you are lucky as I and have plenty of sunshine this weekend. It is wonderful, around 25 degrees Celcius here, so nice.

I feel so good, when I walk outside and enjoy our beautiful nature here. The mood grows up and it is so much more easy to find inspiration, when the sun warms and lighten up all over.

I wish all of you a lovely weekend.






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