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Today I have, until now, had a different rhytme, than usual. I have been busy with creating new jewelry and in same time try to find out, which new materials, I would like to try out. I found several new and interesting crafts to buy, now I just need to wait for these to arrive here, which is more difficult, because I got so many new ideas for creating with the new crafts.

I created some earrings today, which I will show you here:

ImageGoldplated hook Earrings with Facetted Chalcedony

ImageGoldplated hook Earrings with leaves

ImageGoldplated hook Earrings with Turquoise

I feel so filled with ideas at this time, and I’m looking very much forward to show you all of them. You are very welcome to comment, what you like og not.

At our walk today, I found this beautiful flower:Image


I hope, that you enjoy this time at the year too, I do indeed.

Have an amazing day.





Comments on: "Earrings & New Inspiration" (4)

  1. I love the turqouise earrings and the flower is beautiful 🙂 Global Jewelry

  2. I love the turquoise earrings!!

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