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Amethyst is a beautiful purple quartz gemstone. It belongs to the third eye and crown chakra.

I have used the amethyst to find trust and self-confidence, when needed and to avoid stress and nightmares. When my kids or I did sleep badly, I placed an amethyst under the pillow, which helped to get a good night of sleep. Amethyst are a cleaning gemstone, which means when we have had problems with fx fever or the stomach, I placed an amethyst in water over the night, and served the water for drinking.

The amethyst is also very good to work with, if I need to see life more clearly, to be able to look through the daily life and find the right solutions. I use it to meditations, it helps me avoid bad energies.

Sensitive people or animals can also have a lot of joy of the amethyst. Just to have one in the pocket, will help to avoid all the noise from other people. It helps me to see more clearly, when I’m out among new people. If I’m nervous I will choose to use jewelry with amethyst to wear, they came me down, so I don’t feel so unsafe among other people.

I love to create jewelry with the amethyst, as can have several colors and forms. The purple color is my favorite, why I often use amethyst.


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  1. That’s interesting Irene. I have an amethyst bracelet that I wear on occasion. I think I might need to wear it today to keep me calm and peaceful. 🙂

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