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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli belongs to the Throat chakra, and help The Third Eye, also called the Pineal Chakra and Crone chakra to cooperate with each other.

I use Lapis Lazuli for meditation too. It is a very beautiful blue gemstone with several nuances with small gold pieces inside. It helps me to be better to concentrate and see everything more clearly. If I’m in doubt about an important decision, I take my Lapis Lazuli in the hands, close them and my eyes and try to feel and find the right answer with help from the gemstone. For me it has been a great help many times.

It seems like I see a kind of mirror, when I sit with Lapis Lazuli in my hands. Maybe I can’t find my own inner wishes, see only the others wishes, then I need help to find my way and use the Lapis Lazuli. It is not always easy to work with Lapis Lazuli, a lot of old stuff come up and out, when I work with it. But again, the gemstone seems like a mirror, so I will be able to see my own old mistakes of a kind, get them up in the light, think a lot, and then get rid of these old stuff, as don’t do me any good any longer.

A really experience to work with. Give yourself a lot of time, when you start with this amazing gemstone.


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  1. I love lapis lazuli but they are so expensive to buy. They really are extraordinary.

  2. I’ve just gotten a Lapis Lazuli, and I can feel that the effects of it are really strong. Btw, did you do any cleansing or charging for it before you do meditation with it??

    • Hi Jerace2

      Yes, I always clean my gemstones in kold running water, while I mind to clean it, send positive thoughts and thanks for their help.
      After meditation I also clean it again, otherwise I see, they loose their shiny color, which I think is caused the use from us.
      Hope you can use this knowledge.

      • I understand and agree with you! 🙂 However, I realised that gemstones like Lapis Lazuli will lose it’s colour if you continue cleansing it under the running water. It was said that the minerals inside will react to the water. Based on some websites, they suggested to cleanse the Lapis Lazuli under the moonlight because sunlight discolours it as well after some time..
        Also, do you feel any special effects while using different gemstones for meditation??

      • I use water, because it for me is the best way to clean the gemstones. If possible I let them dry in sunshine after. Not all gemstones like the sun, at least not in a summerday, but then early or late at the day. It is possible to clean in many ways, and I think, you should do, what feel right for you.
        Yes, I use different gemstones for meditation, after what I feel, that I need. I have a lot, so I also have a lot to choose between.

      • Okay, thank you! I’ve just bought a few crystals and gemstones. The characteristics of the gemstones that I bought are quite similar so I thought there will be same effects during meditation. 🙂 I’ll try meditating with different stones soon! Thank you once again for your suggestions and advices on the cleansing and meditation!! 😀

      • You are welcome.

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