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Citrine is an anti-stress gemstone. Good for let me came down, when I need to.

Citrine is a very used gemstone to exam situations. It helps us to take away the nervous feelings and be better to center us selves. The feelings of satisfaction and confidence will arrive more easy, which is optimal in many situations in our lives.

One thing, we need to have in mind, when we buy a citrine, is that many of them are fakes. They are amethysts, as have been warmed up to get the yellow color. Hold it up in the light, then you will see, if there are any kind of purple color inside, then you know, it is a fake citrine. It needs to be yellow and clearly.

I use the citrine, when I need to see the good in my life, and it is working fast for me. I take the citrine in my hand, close the hand to feel the citrine, open again and look at it, then I hold it up to the daylight and see through it. After a while I feel so much better inside.

Citrine helps me to get the overview and helps me to see more realistic at the life, which is not one of my best skills, but I work on it…..

Someone I know, use to call the citrine: New beginnings, and I will give her the right here.

If you have any questions about, how I use my gemstones, you are welcome to ask.

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