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Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal is an amazing and beautiful gemstone. The most common is the single terminated, 6-sided and a pointer in one end.

Rock Crystal belongs to our Crown Chakra – and are useable for all our chakras. It seems like seeing the indefinitely for me, when I use this wonderful crystal. I see white healing light and if I hold it up to daylight, it is possible to see all colors inside it.

Rock Crystal is a perfect beginners gemstone, learn it to know and then use it together with all other gemstones. This is a very good help, because Rock Crystal help us seeing clearly, like seeing our soul in a mirror. By use it will change appearance, so try to take a photo, when you buy a Rock Crystal, and after using it for a long time, take another photo and try to compare the photos.

Rock Crystal are used in many kind of electronic too, because of its ability to transform energy.

I use Rock Crystal to open up my intuitive talents, when I feel, I need to see some specific things or just life more clearly or objective, which is not always easy. It helps me to just sit with the gemstone in my hands, close my eyes and then mind about my questions. The answers come, when I do it this way.

Comments on: "Rock Crystal" (2)

  1. It was a clear quartz crystal which opened me up to the energies of crystals. I visited a crystal warehouse in Byron Bay, Australia, and my friend handed me a polished point which really resonated with me. I still have it 17 years later!

    • I’m happy to hear, that you still have your rock crystal, also called quartz crystal, after where in the world, we come from.
      I suppose, that you have had a lot of joy with it. I use a big pointer as my working crystal, as are cutted down, so it can stand up by it self.
      Thanks for your comment.

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