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New badge

wolf pack badge

As you may have seen, we have some bullying in here at WordPress. Let us stand together and show them, who we are. 

I received this nice badge from my friend Patty, you can find her here:

You are all welcome to use the badge and show your support.


Comments on: "New badge" (5)

  1. I must not read all the comments because I don’t see it. I’ve seen references, but I tend to gloss over those and go to the next blog. Ignorance is bliss. There’s enough stress in life without being stressed out at word press! 🙂

    • You are so much right. I use to delete, when I receive a bad one, until now only one. But there are people here, want to close their account because som few do bully them in here. This is not fair. Many are very open about their private life, and if they can’t be that at their own blog, something is very wrong, I think.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Yesss…we should be able to be open. And since it’s our blog, we should delete as we see fit. The problem is that even if we delete that bad comment, the feeling is still there and festers. I had a less than nice comment recently but I just felt that he needed to say that for some reason and I left it there. I even responded with an innocuous funny comment. I think it’s a great learning experience in how to deal with conflict. One can come from a point of security or insecurity. Delete and move on or get upset about word press. The latter is just not worth it! Okay, I’m off my soapbox now! haha

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