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The last days, we have had a very mixed weather here in Spain. Yesterday evening and night silent rain, but for many hours. I will show you some photos from the area here photographed today. Enjoy…

ImageFrom the morning walk with Odin after all our rain, I found this scene.


ImageOdin keep his eyes at the trees in the forrest, as we have storm now.


Image The storm is pretty heavy here now, I was happy to be able to hold Odins line, while we walked in the open areas. Things are flying around in the streets and the animals are hiding themselves, which I do understand. I’m happy, that we don’t see this kind of weather too often here. We are used to wind, also a lot, but these storm is not for fun.

I hope, you enjoy to see a little from the area in Catalonia in Spain, where I live now.




Comments on: "Storm in Spain today – 3 photos" (24)

  1. Great photos, Irene, and yes, nice to see photos of where you live. Hope the weather settles down and you stay safe. Take care

  2. It’s nice to at least see some good rain, as we need it here in California. 🙂 Thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful Catalonia.

  3. We are at 900 metres in mountains to the north of Madrid and it is trying to snow again – definitely overnight and then clearing again just in time for an airport run on Wednesday to pick up my husband. Catalonia is lovely.

    • Uh, that sounds very cold. We moved from Lleida area to Tarragona area in the autumn and until now we did not have snow this winter. Not so far a movement, but enough to avoid the snow. We have only have rain with ice here.
      Wish you nice weather on Wednesday, not funny to drive in snow.

  4. I love your photos! The first one especially captivated me. The way the light shines in from the left, it makes me want to go further down the road. Nice job!

  5. So nice to see some of where you live Irene 🙂

  6. what beautiful photos Irene! Thank you for sharing your part of the world! 🙂

  7. Wow!!!! nice picture… 😉

  8. Thank you for sharing your part of the world! I have said it before, but it’s fun taking a trip while sitting on my couch. Beautiful area!

  9. Nice photos irene 🙂

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