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Are you happy?


White almond trees in blossom from my area in Spain


Are you happy with your life, as it is now?

If yes, congratulations you found the light, continue that great way.

If not, have you ever thought about, what to do to change your life, so it comes closer to be a happy life for you?

First of all, you need to think and find your dreams. Write them down and use time to find out, which dreams you have for your life. Nothing is impossible, just remember everything takes time.

Do you have one big dream or many less big dreams? Which one do you feel is most important for you now? When you find this one, you have a place to begin from.

Now try to imagine, how you will feel, when you reach this goal, as was your dream. How do you feel? Satisfied? Disappointed? Happy? Or?


This topic will continue next weekend, where I will write more about, what is possible to do to realize your dreams.


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Comments on: "Are you happy?" (12)

  1. I like your thinking Irene. I have broken my dreams down into goals. Now I am trying to reach the goals.
    One day at a time and taking baby steps. πŸ™‚

  2. Following your dreams – and knowing what they really are – is so important! Sometimes we’re afraid to follow them, because we’re afraid of failure. It’s hard to get past that sometimes.

    Great post, Irene πŸ˜€ Thanks for joining in!

  3. Baby steps are really important and having a sense of realism I have chronic pain so my goals and dreams are so different now x

    • I do really hope, that you receive the right help for you, when you have cronic pain.
      After that, there are several actions, you can do to help yourself best possible, when you feel, you are ready for that kind of evolution.

      • Thank you I’m using conventional methods ie spinal injections and medication, the latter I especially hate. Plus I have Alexander sessions and zero balancing and just bought a yoga nidra cd to try πŸ™‚ what methods were you thinking of? X

        • I did think about yoga also, but if you did not learn it from a longtermed yoga user or teacher, I think, it will be good to start with. If you did do yoga earlier, it is a great way.
          Personal development is another way.
          My own experience that way is, that when I had explorings enough for this life, which did hurt a lot, my body started to react bad with pains.
          When I did begin to use meditation and my gemstones as a support to find out, where the pain comes from, my pains did go down and I don’t need to use so many painkillers any longer.
          Mindfulness could be another way. There are many ways, and what was the right way for me, doesn’t need to be the right way for you.
          The most important must be, that you give yourself time to find out, from where the pain do come. Then work from that point, with the ways you feel are right for you.

          • Thank you the problem is I am undiagnosed so I am not completely sure as to the reason of the pain just where I feel it. It’s a bit frustrating really to say the least.

            The yoga cd is based on lying down which is good for me and sleep based but I have yet to try it.

            I think acceptance is something I need to learn better then work from that point πŸ™‚


  4. Good one irene, you’re a smart lady πŸ™‚

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