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Square Agate & Silver

Beautiful Handmade Silver Bracelet with Square Agate

Beautiful Silver Bracelet with Square Agate


All agates are good to use for grounding – their color describes where they also are helpful, when we look at the chakras.


Do you like this one? I would love to know.

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Try to find the beauty in all the small things in life. This help us to stay happy and smiling.


Comments on: "Square Agate & Silver" (6)

  1. Such beautiful creations!

  2. It’s beautiful Irene. In my de-cluttering efforts I have given all of my thousands of dollars worth of beads of all kinds to a local charity, because I am so weak muscled now I can’t use the tools any more. I’m not giving up everything, but facing the reality of advancing MS and giving away the things I know I won’t be able to use again. The yarn stays though. I can still crochet and knit. Just can’t make a tight closure on the jewelry now. Bummer.

    • Thanks Angie. I just offered to buy from you, if you still had it in your house. Sometimes I can’t hold the tools either and then I don’t create jewelry but find something else, I’m able to. I have some Artritis and it tease me some days.
      Good you are able to crochet still.

      • Wish I had known Irene. But I think the charities I donated to will be able to put everything to good use, and can use the proceeds for good causes. Darn joints really do mess us up, don’t they. I’m glad I can still crochet, but have to put the hook down frequently. Guess old age really isn’t for sissies.

      • I think that you are right Angie.

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