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Fire in Spain


We had a fire very close to our area in Spain yesterday around 500 meter from our house.
We could see the flames and smell the smoke. We needed to leave our house in hope of nothing would happend here.

At least I had time for packing our cats in their tranportation cages, get them into the car with seatbelts around their boxes. Then in and pack the most necessary as some cloths, papers, food for the cats and for our dog, our most valuable things as we could have in the hand and then leave the house.
When we did leave our house and came to the road, we saw that the police had closed for driving in our area. We were allowed to leave.

We drove a little around in the area, while we tried to figure out, what to do know. Stopped the car several places to see, how much the fire was spreading, but the police came and asked all to leave several times.
We ended up around one km from the house, where we waited together with others, who also had needed to leave their houses.
All this happend between 4 to 6 pm.

One good thing in the middle in the middle of this nightmare wsa that we came to meet a lot of people from our new area.

We were told that all started with a windmill which motor were burning and melted the plastic, which smelled very bad. As we now now about 25 – 30 hectar burned in our area. 

We live in the middle of the nature and wished to stay, if possible.

All of us waited to get to know either we could go home or we would need to find a place to stay for the night. After talking many times with the police we got to know, that we could stay in a public building in the town close to, where we live. A police man would escort us to there. We ended up with that he escorted us to our own house. The fire department used our road why it was closed for the public. So among the fire workers we were escorted home. We were home around 00:30 am. Our house was not burned. We feel very lucky.

The police man told us to be awake for the night, if the fire was spreading again caused the heavy wind, so we were up and check several times in the night to see, if we needed to leave our house again.

The fire department worked all night and are still outside here at the road. I hope they have control over the fire now. They had not, when we came home.

There are fires in many places here in Spain now. All is dry and it is very warm too. The heavy wind is not for any help either.

I hope that you are safe where you are in our world.


We didn’t know any people here and didn’t know, where to go. Not too far away, we needed to follow the fire and see how much was going to burn and if we were very lucky also get to know, when we were allowed to go back to our home, if it was not burned totally.

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  1. Glad you’re safe, Irene. Wildfires are not something to ignore or play around with. You were wise not to take any chances.

    • Thanks Nav, I do still feel shaken inside. The area just beside our garden has burned trees, so we were very lucky.

      • To help feel more secure, try contingency planning. Look at which evacuation direction / route(s) you would take if a fire was to the north, south, etc. Perhaps make short lists of essential things to take, too, where you might stay if necessary, etc. A little internet research or talking to firefighters/government emergency planners can help with guidance for evacuation criteria, too (e.g., I’ll be prepared to evacuate if the fire is within X km, and I will evacuate if it comes within Y km or Z km if the wind’s blowing the wrong way.)

        Plans are easily modified to fit circumstances. You’ll be more secure having thought it out, having evacuation criteria, and knowing what your responses / routes will be.

        • Thanks for your advices Nav. Our suitcase is still in the car with needed clothes and papers. I will take it inside but not pack all out. Ready if we need again. The cats cages are beside the door with their lines too. This time we were lucky, now we know exactly what to bring. When we leave our house we do only have two choices to drive and yesterday the fire was in right direction, so we drove left. The major in the town helps with places to stay if necessary. Thanks for your concern Nav 🙂

  2. Glad you are OK Irene. Fire is a huge primal experience, scary right down to the root chakra and back up to the crown!

  3. morgaine620 said:

    Hi Irene, I hope the fire has stopped now and that you are all ok

    • Thanks Morgaine, the fire should be stopped now, I can’t see any smoke now. The fire department are still outside at street to take care that the fire not start again. I really don’t hope that. We are all okay, but shaked 🙂

  4. Glad you’re okay, Irene. We went through a devastating bushfire when we lived in Victoria, Australia. We were lucky to be out of the line of the fire as it turned south below us, but it killed 11 people and all in all nearly 200 people died on Black Saturday. You can’t describe to people what it’s like until you’ve been through it, so big hugs and I hope all is okay for you. Take good care of yourself. Mo xxxxx

    • Thanks Mo. Nice to hear that you also came through it well. I walk around beside myself today and I feel so tired, like I used five days of energy yesterday and today.

  5. What a relief after being so close to danger. I’m glad you are all safe. Appreciate and love one another!
    Val x

  6. You, your family and animals, your neighbours and surrounding areas are all in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe Irene. ~ Cobs. x

  7. So scary! I’m glad you got home okay and that your house didn’t get burned!

  8. Oh my goodness Irene! happy you are safe now and that your home is okay! sending my prayers

  9. Wow scary, hairy stuff! Hope all is safe.

  10. Glad to hear your safe Irene … exciting days !

  11. So glad you’re ok. Thinking of you!

  12. I’m glad to hear that you are safe. Wild fires are a scary thing. I like Navigator’s idea of planning. It’s always good to have a plan just in case.

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