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Chrysocolla & Gold

Beautiful Handmade Gold Bracelet with Chrysocolla

Beautiful Gold Bracelet with Chrysocolla


Do you like it? I would love to know, thank you 😀

You can find this and other beautiful Jewelry & Accessories in my Etsy Shop


Healing thoughts for all of you,


Comments on: "Chrysocolla & Gold" (4)

  1. Irene, this is beautiful. Wow, I signed up for email subscription to your blog months ago, but it didn’t start until today, and I have dozens of them all lined up here. I’m only going to comment on this one, mostly to let you know I’m still around, and still following you. Still blogging also, but not on WP at the moment. Hopefully after my building renovation is over next year, with updated phone service and WiFi throughout the building, I’ll be able to get back on WP and keep a blog going there. It is certainly more user friendly that the one I’m using now.

    • It is very nice to hear from you again Angie 😀
      If you use a mobile Android or iphone it can be difficult to follow and like in some ways, I see that too. The most easy way is to follow inside the notifications here.
      I hope you are okay?

  2. Seriously yummy, Irene!

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