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Odin at a rock in the beach close to us

When I feel the need for getting out or getting away, I love to go to the beach. The fresh salt filled air helps me to breath and think. A long walk just beside the sea or inside the water and play with my big puppy Odin. He also loves to go to the beach.

I feel that I get a mind cleaning, when I’m close to the sea.

It is also good to sit and do my meditation at the beach and easy to release my mind in this beautiful and peaceful place. We often have this part of the beach only for us, which Odin enjoys a lot because then he is allowed to walk without the leash and play in the sea.

Where do you go when you need to get out or away?

I hope you enjoyed reading, this topic will continue next weekend,

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The prompt for today is: Getting out or getting away

Comments on: "The beach – This post is a part of SoCS" (16)

  1. Cool my cat reaches into the rune bag and picks out a rune stone everyday his name is odin also, maybe try it with your beautiful dog you guys can share a message together.

  2. Actually, I sit in my daughter’s bedroom. I miss her, and look forward to seeing her–and it’s never enough time.

  3. Reminds me of how much I miss living beside the ocean. We have a body of water here…Lake Ontario…but it’s not the same. When you mentioned the sea air, I swear I could smell it.

  4. I live on the beach and I agree, no better place to refresh.

  5. Lovely post. There really is something about spending time in nature, particularly near water, that really helps us get away from it all. I also like parks with lots of trees and greenery.

  6. what a beautiful setting. I always love the sound of the waves against the shore. Seeing the endless skyline is amazing too.

  7. When I want alone time, my bed is my best friend. To get away and refresh, I find anywhere outside and away from the house is good for my soul.

  8. Odin looks gorgeous

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