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My Twin Boys

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My two twin boys, Boelle & Hvide,Β at now 11 years old have and have had a very interesting cat life, since I found them only few days old.
Their mother lost her life in an accident and I heard them cry for their mother for hours outside. Then I found them, brought them inside my house and did feed them with pipette for a long time. I have been their mom ever since. They are neutered and stay always close to me.

We have lived many places together first in Denmark and now in Spain.
They did fly together with us inside the cabin to Spain and they seemed like this was okay and normal. They appreciate the much sun and warm, as we now have in Spain.

I hope to keep them many years, they are like my kids after so many years together.

I hope that you enjoyed reading.


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  1. TheCatssMeoww said:

    Awe, I love this post. Your babies are beautiful.

  2. Our little Jack Russell, Rosie, flew from Queensland to Western Australia, then to Scotland when we moved from Oz to the UK. Then she flew back to Perth when we returned. And finally she flew to Canberra when we moved back to the East Coast. She handled her flights like a trouper – a well-travelled dog who lasted until she finally crossed the rainbow bridge at 16.5 years of age. We now have four dogs in North Cyprus, but I still miss Rosie.

  3. Lucky boys… Thank you for caring for them and loving them quite an awesome story and thing to do!

  4. Cats are so wonderful. Your boys are handsome.

  5. Silver Threading said:

    I am so glad you got it working. I had the email but the link would not work. Such sweeties. Really enjoyed your post.

  6. Such a lovely story Irene. They are indeed lucky boys πŸ™‚
    Val x

  7. Lovely kitties! Thanks so much for sharing their adventures, Irene. πŸ˜€

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