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As some of you know, I have had some experiences with my blogging in the time that I have lived in this house. It hasn’t been so easy, because I have solar for electricity in daytime and generator in the evening. My PC is not usable in daytime so I use my tablet there, which gives me possibility to blog, but photos are teasing me a lot, why I have been experimenting for some time to find out, how my blogging and my shop can supply each other in the best way by using the tablet.

It takes some time to write at the tablet compared to my PC, but it is okay.

I like to be able to follow all of you, which is not so easy from the Reader at WP at my tablet, because I can only see the last 20 posts in the Reader. This is not enough, I follow many blogs from other time zones than where I live. For this I now found a solution called Bloglovin’.

Maybe you have noticed that I added you at Bloglovin’ from where I can see all your posts and mark them after reading. I hope this will help me not to miss any of your posts. I’m not through all of you yet, but that will come by time.

Short time ago I expanded my knowledge about the social medias. Until then I only used WordPress & Facebook. Now I have included Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn & on the way with Google+ also. I still have a lot to learn, but I suppose it will come fast.

I’m happy to find all those new, for me, medias and hope to be able to help you gaining more followers too by re-blogging, re-tweets and Pinnings. We are here to help each other and I do my best to support you too. You are also welcome to add me, if you feel like.

I try to be better to re-blogging too. Many of you are so very good for re-blogging and I feel very grateful for your support.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

Re- is the promt for today



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Comments on: "Re-blogging & Re-tweets – This post is part of SoCS" (13)

  1. Thank you so much for your post. I know what are the reasons of you not able to comment or reply.

  2. Silver Threading said:

    Great post. I am glad to see you when I can. β™‘

  3. Hi, Irene – Your lovely anklet turned up, thank you so much, but it was too beautiful to waste it on my ankle – I added a chain and turned it into a necklace. You are a very gifted jewellery-maker, I fell in love with it as soon as I opened your package. Here’s my shout-out to you on my blog:
    Heaps of love & hugs, Mo xxxx

  4. I wondered why you weren’t around so much anymore. Now I know. πŸ™‚ Glad you’re still able to go online, even during the day. If you post links to your Twitter and Pinterest accounts I will add you on both. πŸ˜€
    Thank you for the update, Irene!

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