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High Sea 1

The Mediterranean Sea shows power here

High Sea 2

The bay I pass daily with Odin

Since I had my last movement, I have tried to catch some nice photos from my new area in Spain. As you might know, I love to walk by the sea no matter the weather and time at the year. When the wind is heavy here, the water shows power.

Those days are great to take photos and I love just to stand and watch the sea hit the ground. I find it good to calm down this way. Sometimes I do my meditation, when I’m by the sea. It is very powerful to stand at a rock, look out over The Mediterranean Sea and just be – I feel recharged when I walk home again. So beautiful experience get me to smile for the rest of the day, just I think about it.

Sunset red


We are also walking in the evening and here we visited another beach and saw this wonderful heaven, as I wish to share with you.



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you can find here. You can join too 😀

Linda: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “element.” Choose one of the four: air/water/earth/fire or use the word “element” however you wish to define it. Enjoy!

Comments on: "Water Element – This post is part of SoCS" (15)

  1. Those are beautiful pictures and it must be great where you are by the Mediterranean Sea.

    Now, that said, I have to admit that I laughed when I read your opening phrase. “Since my last movement….” I’m sorry, and I hope you don’t find this gross, but when I read that I immediately thought you were talking about your last movement, as in the last time you moved your bowels. I know that’s not what you meant, but that’s how it struck me. And it cracked me up. Yeah, I’m old but very immature.

  2. My element was water also. I. too, love the peace of water. Your photos are beautiful. You should frame them . Very calm and peaceful!

  3. I really loved these pictures!

  4. Beautiful pictures!

  5. Looks so peaceful, I can see why you like it there.

  6. Silver Threading said:

    Irene this was so lovely. You live in a fabulous area. 🌸🌺🌹

  7. I am so pleased that you have found another home by the sea. Such a beautiful place to live Irene.

  8. Lovely, Irene! Thanks so much for sharing your little part of the world. 😀

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