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Earlier in my life it made good sense to think about how to see all the family in the cold months and in the Christmas, when my now adult kids were small and all wished to see each other. When I lived in Denmark I kept a little before Christmas party for my friends and family, if they had time to join a day. Then we created decorations with candle lights or created other kind of decorations. At this time I just have this day in my mind. It was very nice to see the friends and family and have a nice day with dinner together. I miss that day now, but my life changed when I became expat in Spain and both the family and friends were far away.

It gives good sense to create our own traditions in life, we also give our kids some values as they can use, when they grow up and need to find their own values. When I think some years back, I see many traditions created in my little family.

Today they live their own lives and I feel happy to see them being able to take good care of them selves, which for me means that I did something right in their childhood. It gives good sense that they live in their new families in each their country, because they really need to be independent to be able to live so far away from the family.

I think that all of us now create new traditions in our families. What about you?

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  1. You are so right! It is a real value to give children a tradition as a family. Even when they grow u and have their own families, the may make changes in the old family tradition, but in my family’s case I see that they always keep some part of what the tradition was in their childhood. I like to think that it will go on for generations to come…at least parts of the ones started generations ago.

  2. I think we do, and I think some of us carry traditions into new generations. Fifty years ago, my aunt started having a pre-Christmas “Santa Claus” party for her nieces and nephews. Now that the nieces and nephews are married and have their own children, they’ve kept the tradition alive. Likewise, my mother used to make shrimp jambalaya every Christmas Eve. Now that she’s gone, my brother (her youngest son) continues the tradition. I’m sure that these traditions have encouraged them to start traditions of their own.

  3. I was just talking to my daughter tonight about creating traditions with her very small children and how much that will mean to them. You’re right. It feels very good to see our kids working hard t take care of themselves.

  4. I don’t have kids, but I do agree that traditions are important, both in families and in societies. It makes me sad when I see traditions die.

    • I think that traditions sometimes changes or disappear and then there are space for creating new traditions, which is nice too.
      When we are adults and change the conditions in life, we can create new traditions where we are now with or without kids.

  5. It’s hard to let them be independent, and it sounds like you created many traditions. Mine seem to change all the time.

  6. What nice ideas!

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