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The Small Things in life is often the most unseen, which I think is sad, because it is those small things as make our lives to what seems to be lives with both happiness and sadness.

When I walk by the beach I try to notice all the stones, shells and what else to find at the beach. Every time we have tide, we can find new treasures from the sea. The sea is changing second by second, so the view I had today will be another for tomorrow, even I stay same place tomorrow.

For me this is to stay in the moment here and now and just enjoy. Nothing about the past or tomorrow, just now…

To get up in the morning, open the window and hear the birds happy singing is for me a nice way to wake up. When I get up, I have my two old cats and Odin who all wish to say good morning and get/give kisses and hugs. How can I wish for a better start at the day?

When I walk in the nature, I see a lot of nice and not so nice things around me. I choose to notice the beauty, because I am not able to change the not so nice things in my environment. Every day the nature show new kinds of beauty, I just need to be awake to notice them. A new flower has found the way up or show the beautiful flower today, an orange tree was green short time ago and now the oranges are ready for eating, hey where went that time? I must have been blind, when I didn’t notice that. It is not possible to notice all we see, but by giving attention to most possible helps a lot.

What do you do to notice the small things in life? Please share…

To receive a nice message, letter etc. make me very happy, special when it comes from a loved soul. What also can boost my happiness is to do something for other souls, humans or animals. By giving a smile we spreads joy and happiness. All need kindness and sometimes we don’t have the abundance to give kindness, then it would be nice to receive other souls kindness. We never know what a soul has been or are going through.

Be kind – it is always possible – yes it is, if you wish to.



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Comments on: "The Small Things – This post is part of SoCS" (27)

  1. Thanks for the reminder of the small things, Irene! (p.s. speaking of small things, I loved the jewelry…my friend’s daughter was so impressed to hear that her necklace was hand made in Spain! Thanks!)

  2. Wonderful reflections, Irene. I try to take time to look at the details around me. Sometimes I stop and turn off the TV or put the book down and just ponder being able to be alive. HUGS

  3. Great stream of conscious. I always try to be hyper aware of my surroundings so that I notice the unusual quickly. I think the two reasons this has happened is my love of photography and my protective instinct when walking the dogs. I don’t want them hurt and I don’t want them to damage anything by coming across eg a basking lizard unexpectedly.

  4. When I go to sleep at night I try to be thankful. And when i review the things to be thankful for I smile at the things i remember from the day.

    • Thank you for sharing your way Colleen 🙂
      I practice the same in the evening and sometimes in the morning, when I feel the energy.

      • It’s a good way to notice the things in life. I’ve seen a saying lately that says something like ….if you only had tomorrow what you said thank you for today, what would you have? It makes me think.

  5. Excellent post. For me right now, the small things in life come through my children, and seeing them means consciously focusing on those little things even when the big things seem to take up so much space. Enjoying the little moments when they say “I love you” unprompted when all morning we’ve been battling math. Soaking up the “really big hug” my three year old likes to give when he’s been up at 3 a.m. every night for six weeks. Watching my little ones play sweetly together when the entire afternoon seemed like one long temper tantrum. Other ways I like to notice small things are by sitting out on my third story deck early in the morning and just listening to the calm stillness punctuated by the occasional morning sound, or sitting in bed with my husband late at night and closing my eyes and just breathing in the moments with him. 🙂

  6. Excellent Irene, I love the positive nature of your post, well done.

  7. Wonderful! Small things are so important to not let go unnoticed. I love a bright blue sky in the winter.

  8. The daughter said:

    Awesome post, Mama! We just had snow for four days in a row and after that several days with fog, clouds and rain. This morning I woke up to fog once again but just a few hours later the sky cleared and now we habe sunshine for the first time in nearly two weeks. Enjoying my morning coffee in sunshine is my favorite way to wake up. And it seems that the birds outside are just as thrilled over the change of weather. As a matter of fact I suppose that those birds must be experts in noticing the small things in everyday life. Perhaps I should spend the day on watching and learning 😉

  9. I love this post Irene, I agree that it is the small things that mean so much. It is unfortunate as you noted with the example of the orange tree, sometimes we miss miss those little things that add so much beauty to our lives and our world. The blossoms on those trees, I am imagining them now in their splendor. How sweet it would have been for me and those blossoms to have enjoyed a moment together.

    I appreciate your kindness and wish to share a hug over the seas, I appreciate you! I loved the post and the points you made as I truly wish to embrace each moment and observe as many of those little things as I can while I walk my chosen path with a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing the smile!

    Hope you have an amazing day and you have a smile as you see the small things as you walk the beach and start your days with the love of your cherished friends …. Give Odin a hug for me too! 🙂

  10. My favorite pastime is walking on the NC beaches looking for small things – salt water glass, shells, little polished pieces of things to use as decoration. Away from all the digital things!

  11. Sometimes I don’t notice the small things until I am forced to because I am waiting for someone else — usually for my youngest son to finish an activity. That time of waiting is when I might notice the setting sun, or the changed color of the leaves, or the beauty of the clouds. I have come to enjoy those times when I am away from my house, waiting for someone else, because then I take in my environment.

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