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Ups and downs in life are something we all need to go through. How we are handling those experiences are different.

After many downs I decided to find out, how to get more ups-experiences.
First of all I needed to learn to think positive, which I also thought that I did, but not as much as I wished to do. Next step was to find my way to think and live so positive as possible. We can all have a bad day, we just need to remember that because we have had a bad day, not to let this hit other souls. They are without any kind of guild in that. Hmmm sounds easy, a little more complicated to implement in my daily life.

I feel that I always have tried to be and stay positive, but age and experiments has been a great help.
Souls with negative attitudes kill my mind and eat my energy, why I sorted out in my “friends” and decided to keep myself more close to souls with positive attitudes so we could support each other in the good way.

There are many souls who suffer by no energy. They are not able to produce their own flow of energy, why they suck all our abundance of energy in very short time. After that kind of meetings we become totally down in energy and need time to recharge ourselves again, before we meet the world again.

After I found my way to stay positive it is very rare, that I get so many downs and when I get them, I find it more easy to get back to normal again.

How do you handle your ups and downs? Please share – we can all learn.


This SoCS Prompt is made by Linda as you can visit here. You are also welcome to join 😀

Linda said: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “opposite.” Let it flow from your fingertips. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello Irene I agree its all about attitude, if you work from a positive base then that quality can flow through your everyday. You express this well, good luck and I hope everyday like mine is a good day.

  2. Downs can be a struggle. I usually try to get through it. Probably do things that make me feel better like music, a movie or nature. I agree that some people can drag us down. Need to limit the time spent with people who are sucking the good energy out of us. Be aware of their effect. I think the people are unhappy and not aware they are doing this. Be sure to do things that you find satisfying and enjoy every day. Things that feed your soul.

  3. When I’m down I try to write it out, ride it out (bike/treadmill), draw, I try to ‘do’ it out. I learned long ago that when I’m down-being physically inactive makes it worse. Being active and music helps. Greatly.

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