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I will invite you to join the scene as I watched yesterday. We have had rain in the night and it continued in the morning, when Odin and I was out walking. We saw a rainbow so very beautiful, so I had to stop and take photos. I haven’t found out how to use my panorama function yet, so you will see the photo as covered mostly of the rainbow.


Rainbow in Spain

After our walk in the nature we went to the beach, where the sunrise was going on. This was so very beautiful, as you can see here.


Sunrise seen from the beach in Spain

We have and have had some heavy storms here, the waves have been very big and alive, which you also can see at the beach photo.

When we have those storms here, we need to take care about walking close to the beach. The see and the waves have so much power and we prefer to stay good, so we keep away when it is very bad.

Where I come from in Denmark, we have only very cold storms, but here it was amazing strange yesterday. When I woke up, I checked the temperatures and saw we had 17 degrees C. very early in the morning and this temperature are high for this time at the year, also here. We do also have sun storms here in the Summertime.

I have never seen this before, so something new to me after now 2Β½ years in Spain.

When I hear that we will get storms, I use to wear extra clothe to go out, but yesterday I almost needed to take close away again. Next time I will check the temperature before going out.

I’m looking very much forward to the Spring, so we can use much more time outdoor and explore the area by very long walks in the nature, the mountains and the beaches.

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Comments on: "Rainbow in Spain – This post is part of SoCS" (25)

  1. Very nice post, Irene. I enjoyed the pictures, plus your ideas about the differences between the storms in Denmark and Spain. I wish I could join you on a long walk there. It looks gorgeous!

  2. morgaine620 said:

    Hi Irene, thanks for letting us see your scenes :-). Sounds awfully beautiful as for the weather here: Its not really cold and not really warm. Even with the snow at the beginning of the week it melted away directly which I am really disappointed with. Now it’s mucky everywhere but it looks like more cold is to come. Maybe I get lucky πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Irene my world is looking good this morning it is a bout 23C with a top about 29C today. An ok day as we have had some very hot days and after all it is summer in Australia. The photos you took look great. Have a great day.

    • Hi and thanks for sharing your world. Here Sunday morning we have storm and orange alert and I don’t know how it looks outdoor before sunrise, but hope the best πŸ˜‰

  4. What a beautiful place to live in! I thought the article was wonderful!

  5. Oh!!! Lovely pictures and thank you for taking us on a stroll sitting here at our laptops. A little glimpse into the unseen is always welcome.

  6. Right this very moment there is not much color, our world is being blanketed in white. πŸ™‚

  7. Love your photos. I visited Spain around 1979 or 1980. Beautiful country. Can’t wait to go back. Here in New York we have plenty of snow. See my link to Snowstorm Juno. Tonight Snowstorm Linus is coming to town getting ready to bury the Big Apple under another blanket of the white stuff. Yuck! Ugh! I’m seriously considering moving to the Southwest portion of the United States. Hate snow, ice, sleet and freezing temps.

    Odin looks to be a very good walking companion.

  8. That first photo is stunning Irene x

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