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Winter in Germany


Sunrise in South Germany

My dear daughter live in South Germany and sent me those photos yesterday, where we can see, how much snow she got and how beautiful area she lives in. I got her permission to show you the photos at my blog. I hope you will enjoy too πŸ˜€


I enjoy to see the photos and appreciate that I don’t have the snow here πŸ˜‰


Snow is beautiful while it still is untouched


She lives in a nice area, I think


The heaven has a beautiful color here

How does it look in your area of our world? Please share so we can see the differences πŸ™‚


Comments on: "Winter in Germany" (21)

  1. Silver Threading said:

    Irene, your daughter’s pictures are beautiful! It started out sunny and warm here in Pensacola, Florida. Now it is grey and cloudy. Rain is on the way. ❀

  2. It is quite beautiful there where you daughter is it looks quite peaceful as well. Thank you and her for sharing the pictures!

  3. Lovely! I think the very best snow is one that happens Friday-night-into-Saturday morning, stays long enough for you to say, “Ooh!” and “Ahhh!”, build a snowman, and then it melts so you don’t have to drive in it. :0)

  4. I lived in Stuttgart in my 3rd year at university and it was -17C, so very cold. When I got back from my Christmas holiday in the UK, I was in a sleeper, woke just outside of Stuttgart to nearly 2 ft of snow, a real shock to the system! Your daughter’s photos reminded me of how cold it was in the winter.

    • Wow that sounds cold Mo. She lives south for Stuttgart and showed me the photos, so I could follow the weather there. I found them so beautiful, that I wished to share. It is possible to click and see big photos in the post.

  5. The photographs are beautiful Irene. Your daughter does live in a nice place. I’m very happy to say that despite all the weather forecasts for snow we only saw one half day and that was boxing day.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  6. Great photos, Irene! I love Germany, and southern Germany is especially beautiful. πŸ™‚

  7. I will start liking snow once it no longer snows on the roads and it doesn’t have to be colder than 60F degrees to do it. That’s not asking for to much is it?

  8. I live in tropical Queensland, Australia, so if we ever had snow, it would be a miracle! It’s about 25 degrees Celsius, we’ve just had a downpour of rain.

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