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Beach & Waves in Spain


The Mediterranean Sea 

You can enlarge the photos by clicking at them

Few days ago while we had one of the storms here, Odin and I walked by the beach late afternoon. It was easy to see that the waves became more and more big. Several places we saw how the sea are eating from the soil and beach here. It is so huge power the sea shows us, as we should learn by and also take much more care of our nature.


Odin is waiting for me to play ball, while I take photos

When we looked out over the sea, it was not possible for me not to get respect for the power in the waves. They did suck everything close to the water that day, why we did stay a little away from the sea. As you might know, Odin loves to swim in the sea, no matter if it is Summer or Winter. Mostly days the sea is not so cold and he only swims in low water this time at the year. After playing ball and practice behavior we walk to the beach and play ball there.


The waves are really growing here and the storm got worse and worse in same time. We were lucky, both Odin and the 2 old cats did prefer to stay much inside those days. It was also more than cold, even we are in Spain.

There are also snow in Spain, I’m just so lucky to be at the right site of the mountain range, and I tried to see, if I could get some photos with snow, but no it is not so close. I live only 300 meters from the sea why I should be lucky to avoid snow.

I hope you did enjoy


I do have some problems with my tablet and WordPress for Android, why I don’t post as regular, but I hope for a soon update.

Comments on: "Beach & Waves in Spain" (5)

  1. Beautiful photos Irene. My grandfather always taught us to respect the ocean. It can turn in a minute. The waves are beautiful but powerful. Odin looks like he loves it! Stay warm!

  2. morgaine620 said:

    Hi Irene, I was wondering if you have snow as well. You must have read my mind while posting this :-). Thanks for sharing…

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