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Today’s prompt is not easy to start for me. What is emotions and the opposites in these? A lot of things happening in our world can turn my temper up in red, even I use to be a calm soul, when I tell it myself…..

I think back at this weeks post at WordPress and think at Cecilias poem about Abused Orphanes did make me so very sad. When kids live away from their home, if the parents are alive at all, at least we need to secure that they get the needed love and care, when they don’t have family to give them this. After being sad I thought about what we can do to change this behavior from adults, who really should show empathy and love to those kids and not abuse them.

I know this is happening to many orphans and it makes me so very sad and angry at the adults who can be so mean and destroy innocent kids life. Education is the way and more control, I think.

I did also reach my red light here in Spain this week. A lot of pets are not being treated like they deserve either. Many people look at their pets like a toy, they can throw away, when they get tired. This really harm me so much. There are dogs without owners in the towns and cities. When people get tired or can’t afford to feed them any longer, they just throw them out. If the pet is very lucky, there will be some other people with more kind hearts, who will take care of them, otherwise they can try to live as a wild dog or die by starving. And the same for the cats, they are so cute, when they are kittens, but people don’t think about they will grow up and still need a good home, food and love.

There is also kind souls here, who wish their pets the best. They keep my hope up. Education is the way – also here.

As you can see, my emotions have been at work in this week, what about yours?



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you find here:

and Love is in da blog by Bee, as you find here:

Linda wrote:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: opposites in emotion. If trying to come up with two opposites before you start is too much thinking, try writing about one emotion and see if the opposite comes out of your stream of consciousness naturally. Sounds like fun, eh? Give it a try!

Comments on: "Emotions – This post is part of SoCS & Love is in da blog" (15)

  1. A lot of really emotional subjects there and very raw and hard to face. Some terrible things that go on x

  2. morgaine620 said:

    My emotions mainly went high at work. It is so hard right now as our company saves in staff and you have to work doubly so. I also wanted to wean myself off the St. Johnswort which I usually take from October to March to keep my depression in check. It felt like I could stop but I judged wrongly and it got pretty bad. Am through it now and back on St. John (lol) but it drains. And don’t even get me started on abused children or pets 🙂

    • Good to hear that you can keep the depression down Bee, but not so good with your job, when they save in staff. Wish you the best. I keep my depression down by walkings and enough sunlight which I use to combine. I don’t work, so I have that possibility.
      This post just started me too, I could find many things, but those cases came first in mind.

      • morgaine620 said:

        I am quite lazy with the walking lately even though I could incorporate it in my life easily as I do not work full-time. I think I struggled with work so much because the depression went up again. So when I’ll be back I will be a lot calmer. I’m with the company since 7 years and I’ve seen a lot going on. It will change back into better times sooner or later…. Thanks 🙂

        • I use the walks in daylight so much as possible to avoid medication again for depression. Have a nice day Bee 😉

          • morgaine620 said:

            I don’t use pharmaceutical anti-depressants because in my experience they make me worse. St. Johnswort is good but a very powerful herb so you have to be careful to use it. And it makes your skin more sensitive to sun and as a ginger I really don’t need that. But in spring and summer I don’t need it anyway. You enjoy your walks and I will get to them as well. Its sunny today even though it was really foggy this morning.

  3. Reblogged this on Mum C writes and commented:
    Today being Valentine’s Day, please think not only of your lover, there are children on the street needing a little smile here and there, try your hardest to help one smile today. Blessings Irene, for this post.

  4. @St-Manuel said:

  5. Reblogged this on A Call to Witness and commented:
    We must Love and care for all beings both humans and animals.

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