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I feel very grateful for all the new bloggers, where many became friends by time, as I have met here at WordPress. Have been here since May 2013.

As you might know, I relocated to Spain in 2012 and to a very deserted area, which made it difficult to meet new friends. Later I found out, that many Spanish families have more than enough in themselves. Maybe because I lived far away from turist areas, turists use to prefer either beaches or big cities. So new friends here were more than difficult to find. I was close to give up, when my daughter who also is expat, but in Germany, gave me the idea to start a blog and maybe meet new friends this way. I’m her forever grateful for that idea.

I found it a little difficult in the beginning, because I spoke English in my daily life but long time since I used it for writing. This gave some funny posts at my blog, but all here were very kind to try to understand, what I tried to express.

Danish is my first language, then English and later German and since Spanish, which I still try to learn to express better. One thing is to learn another language, another thing is to use it often, otherwise we forget the taught. I have knowledge to some other languages too, but not enough to be able to use them.

Here at WordPress I have found several new friends, which has helped me to stay more mental healthy for my first years here without friends. Some of these blogger friends I got to know better and found out, that online friendships are very valuable for me, as I live here. They have taught me so much by both their writing and photos. I have seen much of the world through the blog and enjoyed this so very much.

Thank you to all my new blogging friends for being here and share your world, also with me.



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Linda wrote:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: acquaint and/or friend. Use one, use both, add prefixes or suffixes, but whatever you do, have fun!

Comments on: "Friends – This post is part of SoCS" (50)

  1. I admire that you have learned so many languages. It is wonderful. I have such a hard time when I try to learn another language. If I were writing in Spanish you would probably not be able to read it. πŸ˜€ You are very courageous and doing great.

    • Thank you Deborah. I learned the basic in English and German in primary school, but need to use the taught not to fotget.

      • Well I admire you for it. I have studied French in college and really struggled and did not learn very much. Then I tried to learn Spanish when I was in Nursing and realized that it takes a lot of effort to learn another language.

  2. I love the blogging community for the same reasons you do. In fact. over the last month when I was moving and didn’t have time and/or Internet connection to keep up with it like I wanted to, I felt like something was missing from my life! So, I totally relate to your post and am glad to read it. Great use of the SoCS prompt! πŸ™‚

  3. morgaine620 said:

    Wow, I am impressed with so many languages and at least German and Spanish are not the easiest to learn I think. Am very happy to have met you and I am glad you found friends this way.

    • Thanks Bee, I’m very happy to have met you too, think we agree about many things in life πŸ˜‰

    • I forgot to tell you, that my German is a little rusty now, but by practice it will be back, at least the basic. I read some of my books in German, when I did study caused they were not in Danish and English.

      • morgaine620 said:

        I found it very helpful to listen to English radio when I learned English. I didn’t understand a word at first but it taught me a lot. Maybe you can get some German radio stations online? By the way: I bet your German is better than my Danish πŸ˜‰

        • And maybe you didn’t learn basic Danish in school? πŸ˜‰
          Right now I fight to learn Spanish but without peoples very loud way of talking here. I’m very bad for that.

          • morgaine620 said:

            I tried to learn Spanish but gave up pretty soon. Basic French, English and German and a tiny bit Dutch must be enough for me I am afraid. Did you learn German in School?

  4. I think you do very well with English, and I am impressed with how many languages you know! I’m very glad you have this blog, I love your photos, your thoughts and your jewelry art πŸ™‚

  5. That’s a really lovely post and your right online friendships are just as valid and important as those not online x

  6. Hello Irene, I also have to admire you a) moving and b) learning new languages. I find English challenging enough. WP has opened up a new world to us I agree with you about that. Excellent that you are finding benefit in your blogging. Michael.

  7. It has been a joy reading your writing. I also love the photos, it gives me a sense that I am visiting Spain.

  8. How wonderful to know so many languages. In the United States there is no importance stressed on learning other languages, it is a pity.

    • I agree, kids should be allowed and introduced to other languages, but I think this is the same here in Spain, where parents need to pay extra education if they wish to give their kids this chance. Big countries seem to mean that their languages are the only important.

  9. You are so well spoken Irene. I love how you speak (write). πŸ™‚

  10. Wow. I studied German at school but couldn’t remember any (non naughty) words now.

  11. What a lovely way to make use of the prompt! This lovely community often comes as a solid support when you are ready to throw in the towel!

  12. Silver Threading said:

    I think your writing is improving every time I see you write something new. I cannot even imagine how difficult it must be to think in one language and write in another. I took Spanish in college and loved it. I could write it better than I could speak it… much like English! LOL. Well done Irene. ❀

  13. Finding a rewarding technique is actually less complicated explained in comparison to carried out, yet bear in mind that trading is
    a long term game where congruity is actually essential.

    • I agree, but still it is possible for me to read other people. I use a positive attitude and when some people react negative to this, I see no reason to continue, this will just bring my mood down and is waste of quality time.
      The most positive and open-minded souls as I have met in Spain were foreigners. I do also know that in crise times people either stand together, which is smart, or they act more egoistical, which don’t help anyone.
      Thanks for your comment πŸ˜‰

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