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The last weeks have been busy, I have just announced my new shop open, and before that made a big job by creating many new jewelry, photos etc. before I was ready to say go go go with the new shop.

In the meanwhile I have tried to prepare myself for a more active life than usual. I walk more with my dog Odin, practice with him, because I want a good and well raised dog, as listen to me, because he know this will be the best for him.

As you might know, my health is not on the top. The doctors try to figure out, what more than rheumatism can give me the problems as I have. This takes long time with a lot of tests. Right now I need to wait few weeks more to get closer to their judgment. This is one of the reasons that I need to have raised Odin to behave good and walk nice, because I don’t know how fast my health can go worse than now.

Odin is a little boy at now two years, he acts like a teenager dog and need consequence in the raising of him. He weighs now around 45 kg, which is a little less than me, which demand that I use strategy with him.

I believe in raising without violence and screeming, I think love and kind treatment are the best for him and have worked hard the last two years to raise him to have a lot of self confidence, which I think is very important to have to avoid to get an aggressive dog.

As I told before I published my new shop today and I hope it will be possible to create a good shop there too. I have been selling at Etsy for almost two years now, so I found it could be fun to try something new as an extra chance for income.

In same time I have been thinking a lot about what to do more with my life. Which dreams I have, as I still have a chance to live out? Which souls are important to me? Which souls I miss here, even I live in the Sun in Spain with nice beaches, I still miss my family. I don’t wish to go back to Denmark, but I don’t feel sure if I wish to stay here for the rest of my life. This is some of the things, that I have in mind.

When I were younger, I had many dreams. One of them was to relocate and try to live in another country. This dream did come true. I wished to live with much better weather than Denmark could offer me, this came true too.

Now I just need to feel good, which of my dreams, I would like to live out, while I’m still able to do it.

What about your dreams? Do you live out your dreams? What kind of dreams do you have?

We need to live out our dreams, just don’t let them go…



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Linda wrote:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “go.”  Ready, set, GO!

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  1. I admire you looking for your dreams Irene. I don’t even know which ones I would follow. But I do enjoy thinking about what I could do if I wanted to.

    • Maybe you also have some dreams or some having been on hold, while we have/had kids at home Colleen?
      Find your inner dreams and see if they still are dreams. Some of our dreams we do live out, but we don’t always notice this. Otherwise it is nice to dream, at least so long time we still keep our feet’s at the ground.
      Not all dreams are big and some are more easy to live out.
      Thank you for your kind comment 😉

      • Thank you Irene. I like how you think. I will look at life to see what I have done to fulfill dreams without even realizing it. And I will pay attention to my dreams and desires…maybe there are still some I’m working on and I’m just not paying as much attention. 🙂 I know there are some I think of for fun because they feel good. And that makes me happy.

  2. Well firstly Irene, good luck with your shop, I hope it is a great success for you.
    Also I hope your health is one you can manage as time goes on. Our health is so important to us, we don’t always appreciate it until we are prevented from doing the most basic of things.

    • Thank you for your kind comment. I try my best, no matter which situation I get into, which I also have learned by time. A positive attitude helps a lot.

  3. I think you have a wonderful attitude. So great you have pursued some of your dreams. I wish you must luck too with your new business. I hope you feel better soon. Sometimes we have to wait to get the answers. ❤

  4. I do hope they figure out what is wrong with your health soon so they can fix it. I hate feeling unhealthy… as you know.
    Best of luck with your new shop!
    My dreams? I just want to get my novel finished. I need to work on it more often though.

    • Thank you Linda, but my health can not just be fixed, so I will need to accept that, but I hope they can figure out, how I best can help myself and avoid so much medication. This I don’t like, but for now I need it.
      Thanks for your kind wishes.
      I think that you write, when you have the inspiration. And you do also have a life beside books and blogging.
      I wrote a post about my new online shop earlier today, if you wish to see it.

  5. I really appreciate your open, honest post. To answer your question as to our dreams, I regret to say that lately my own have become clouded and unclear — right now I’m taking things one day at a time as I reevaluate based on some recent events. As for you, I do hope your doctors come to a conclusion soon based on your tests, so they can help you more effectively. I pray your health will not get worse, and if anything, improves. By the way, I love your training techniques with your dog — I think being loving really is the best way. All the best!

    • Thank you for very kind comment. My days starts in same way as yours for now, I need to wake up and feel how much energy I will have for today, before I decide how to spend this energy. In the meanwhile I have times for dreaming, when I have one of the less good days.
      Maybe you should find some of your less demanding dreams to fulfill, until you know more about your possibilities. I will send healing thoughts your way.

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