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Afternoon Walks & Cactus


Odin and I have been walking in a new area the last days in the afternoon, where there are many different kind of cactus


I will show you several, as I found most beautiful


Some of the cactus are several meters high and they spread also very wide


I have noticed by my time in Spain, that there are different and new kind of cactus at all new places here


Odin enjoyed our new place for walking, there were many new smellings

I hope you enjoyed your visit


Comments on: "Afternoon Walks & Cactus" (17)

  1. I didn’t realize that Spain had cactus! Thank you for sharing the pics. Remind Odin not to get too close to them. :0)

    • I’m happy that you enjoyed Linda. Odin has learned, when they not hide under other plants. I keep an open eye, when we walk, there are many cactus here.

  2. I’m more interested in your cute dog! lol

  3. Like ‘Linda,’ I did not realize Spain had cactus either! I always think of Arizona here in the states. Lovely terrain, Irene. Your dog, too! 🙂

  4. Hello Odin and Irene! 🙂

  5. Love your pics

  6. Irene, I hope one day to make it to Spain. We shall see. In the meanwhile, I continue to enjoy seeing it through your eyes.

    • Both you and Jennie are very welcome Michael, just let me know, if and when you are ready, and I will try my best to help both of you.
      I’m happy, that you enjoy the Spain, as I show you here 🙂

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