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After long time where I have been so happy to receive many beautiful awards, I have decided to go Award Free.

I feel very grateful for every award as you have been so kind to give me, but I must admit, that they take too much time to answer.

You may know, that I’m happy and very grateful for your kind thoughts, but I will not receive awards any longer.

I have changed my blog a bit, thought it was time after almost two years without the big changes.

I would like to know, what you think about those changes, thank you 😀


Comments on: "Blog Changes" (12)

  1. I like the changes Irene, I think it looks nice! I love your flowers in the background. I understand about the awards, I did the same thing myself. As always I am looking forward to all your posts 🙂

  2. Love the background image! Know exactly what you mean about accepting awards. Lovely to receive but they do soak up the time 😉

  3. Silver Threading said:

    I love your new look Irene! As you know, I did the same thing and went award free the beginning of the year. I still do some of the blog hops to spread the love around though. ❤

  4. Looks great with the flowers. As for becoming award-free, yeah! I did so a few months ago and recommend it.

  5. Love the flowers! And like you, the awards are indeed wonderful. After having done them for so long though, they are so time consuming I had to stop as well. Completely understandable.

  6. The flowers look very pretty Irene.
    I completely understand you with the awards. I only did the one the other week because it was a new one and very simple to pass on.

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