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We have had rain and storm in more than a week here, which is unusual, but the weather are changing all over the world

You can enlarge the photos by clicking at them


The river you see here has been total dry in the time, I have been living here, but after all this rain, this did change


This river end out in the Mediterranean Sea


As you can see, this is not beautiful


All the brown water from the before very dry river end out here


The Sea and the river meet here


A lot of brown water


Unfortunately there were people who lost their lives in this area, when the weather were on the worst


You can see they meet here


and it is not beautiful


I tried to zoom for you to see


I hope you enjoyed your visit


I’m happy to tell you that I have seen the Sun here the last two days and enjoyed so very much. We have heavy wind but sunshine 😀

Comments on: "Rain & Storm in Spain – 12 photos" (8)

  1. Oh, that’s where the Sub went. We have rainy days now 😩

  2. The weather all over the world is upside down. It is sad to see the ocean turn brown from the river- but I am glad the sun is shining again. Stay well

  3. I’m sorry you had such violent weather. We’ve had a bit here, too, with severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in the area. We came through fine, although some people did not. I’m glad to hear the sun is shining where you are again now, Irene.

  4. Messy, yeah we had similar a few years back with river trees and grasses washing up on the beach…

    • Yes it was not so much fun here either. I just passed the river in the city today and there are still a lot of water, even it has been a dry river with many growing trees inside.

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