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Odin was patient and waited for me to take photos

Remember that you can enlarge the photos by clicking at them


This was once a river, but now very dry

Clouds were on the way, which you can see in the photos down here


Last time we had this heavy rain and storm, there were a kind of river here. Now it is totally dry again


Here a very well kept Olive Field


There were a long line of very big Agave here, the one in the middle (tall) is a flower from the Agave


They are at least 1,50 meter (59 inch) tall


Here I zoomed in to se the sky


It was late in the day and soon the Sun would go down, but caused the clouds not possible to get a Sunset


I hope you did enjoy the walk in Spain


Comments on: "Easter Walk 2 in Spain – 9 Photos" (14)

  1. I’ve seen Agave before but I didn’t know that’s its name. 😊 beautiful photos!!

  2. Silver Threading said:

    What great photos Irene! I am amazed at how dry it is in Spain. I always envisioned it to be more green. Odin is such a sweet dog. I love how he poses for you! Have a beautiful day! ❤

    • Thank you Colleen 😀
      Spain are very green in the Spring and more dry in the Summer. This usual dry river, among many here, was overfilled with water when we had the last heavy rain and storm, but now dry again. Many plants drowned in this usual weather.
      Odin is almost always happy and he knows that I like to take photos at him and accept it 😀

  3. The olive field is so well tended it reminds me of a sand Zen garden, all raked carefully. Thanks for the nice tour, Irene.

  4. I enjoyed taking this walk with you Irene 🙂

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