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One-Liner Wednesday

Choose to stay happy and enjoy your time instead of staying mad and waste your life



One-Liner Wednesday by Linda, as you find here:

Comments on: "One-Liner Wednesday" (13)

  1. Chrissy Layton said:

    The best revenge is a life well lived.

  2. LOVE this, Irene! Besides, anger sucks away SO much energy. Have a great day! Love, Amy

  3. Definitely agree!

  4. Love this, Irene! 🙂

  5. Getting angry happens….staying there is certainly a waste.

  6. Couldn’t have said any better, great quote!

  7. Great one liner! I’m on a break from writing but have been catching up with my email. When I come back I think I will try one liner Wednesday as it seems like fun. Take care!

    • Thank you Cheryl 😀
      It is fun to join and I hope you will join too.
      I’m trying to catch up after having been away from reading for around 10 days.
      Take care too 😉

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