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As you can see, Odin enjoy the Spring now, it is nice outside, so I did enjoy my coffee at the terrace today


The roses in my garden are looking very beautiful and each day I see them begin to bloom, I will show you more photos in the coming time, so you can enjoy them too


For each day the Sun are shining more and more, it is wonderful and the right time to enjoy the Sun. When we come to the Summer, it is early to warm to stay outside, unless there are wind. In the hot Summer time we can have up to around 45 degrees Celsius – 113 degrees Fahrenheit, which is very hot and not nice any longer. In the Summer time the garden is usable in the morning and in the evening. I’m happy that I live so close to the beach, the Mediterranean Sea, I can walk there in 5 minuts, which I’m sure that I will appreciate, if we get so hot Summer again.

How is the weather looking in your part of our world?


Comments on: "Odin & Roses in my garden – 3 Photos" (18)

    • I understand that. I live for rent in the house with garden and the roses were here, when I came, so I just enjoy them and try to take a little care of them 😀

  1. It’s summer here and it’s very hot during midday.

  2. Spring has sprung this week, Irene – up into the low ’20s with sunshine right through. I am staying very quiet while this kidney infection clears up but enjoying sitting in the sun, helps me feel really relaxed. And my favourite rose, the Apothecary’s Rose, now has two buds which I’ll look forward to gloating over when they flower.

  3. Sunny and low 60’s F. Just lovely! Feels very much like spring has finally arrived.

  4. Your roses are beautiful, Irene. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Hi Irene, Lovey photos of the roses. Looking forward to seeing more as the blooms increase. In my part of the world it is Autumn. We didn’t have a very hot summer this year however, made the most of it when it was hot. I also leave near the sea. I enjoy walking next to the sea and enjoying the view. 🙂 🙂

  6. Lovely Irene 🙂

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