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Now where the Spring is sprung and the sun is more visible, I will start to vary, how many posts I will upload daily. I love to stay outside, when the weather is so much better. I enjoy to be able to drink my coffee at the terrace and do a little in the garden, when I have the abundance. Otherwise just sit in the sun and enjoy my life.

Both Odin, BΓΈlle & Hvide are very happy to enjoy the sunshine outside in our garden. The change their positions from sun to shadow, when it gets too warm. But it is very easy to see their joy to be able to stay outside and enjoy the warm now.

We have had around 22 degrees C. (71,6 F.) the last days here and I don’t need so warm clothe, when I go out with Odin any longer. Really nice πŸ˜€

I’m also looking very much forward to next month, where I will get visit by my son from Denmark. I haven’t seen him for almost 3 years now. I was so lucky to have visit by my daughter one year ago, who lives in Germany, which I enjoyed so very much. Now I’m looking forward to see my son here. In this time I will not be so much online because I want to spend my time together with my son, while I can.

For a while I have been thinking a lot about, what I wish to do with my life. I have been much in doubt, if I wished to stay here in Spain, where I don’t feel at home. Maybe because I miss my family and I wish to stay more close to them. Still I did not decide for sure, what I wish to do and what is possible for me to do. I’m tired of movements, I have had 5 here in almost 3 years, which is much too many. But it is very difficult to find a house, where the things inside is function, without fungus, with water and electricity and a garden and not too far away from everything.

I don’t wish to live in the middle of a city, but just outside is fine with me. I need to be able to use a bus and train, when I need to and all this for a fair price is not easy to find, but not impossible. I just demands time to find and then a hope to find a fair Owner, who wish to rent out for more than one year at a time. I would prefer at least 3-5 years. Then it could be possible to find peace without need to think about next movement all the time.

How often do you move house? Not all can afford to buy their own house.



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Comments on: "Vary/Very – This post is part of SoCS" (14)

  1. I find moving stressful so wouldn’t do it for fun. That said we would love to relocate. Alas funds prohibit.

  2. morgaine620 said:

    Hi Irene so far I have managed to move 13 times in nearly 45 years πŸ™‚ but I feel like settling down too and not moving anymore. We are considering to buy a houseboat when the kids are older and won’t stay with us so often as we could afford that. House seems to be impossible but I think I’d prefer a boat anyway. Close to water is lovely….

    • You have moved many times too Bee. I think that I have moved around 40 times or more in 50 years, so would really like to settle down now. A houseboat sounds like a great idea πŸ˜€

      • morgaine620 said:

        Maybe it works for you too? I hope you’ll find your place to settle down and find some peace. I think it is very important. And gosh 40 times???? I admire your resistance and durability πŸ™‚

        • It has not been easy Bee, but necessary many times. Not all houses are healthy to live in either. 2 of the houses here in Spain were without electricity and running water and I must admit, that I’m getting too old for that. It is heavy to carry water and gasolin for generator and very expensive in use, which make it rare to use. I need to settle down and for now I don’t know where, but it will come, when I’m ready πŸ˜‰

  3. I don’t move often. And I sometimes think I would enjoy that. I would enjoy a life of moving about freely, enjoying an unfettered life style. Living in a city, than a small town, than the country, different neighborhoods. I’ve never really felt connected to a community. And I long to do so. So I wonder if moving about would appeal to me. Being ‘settled’ somehow leaves me feeling unsettled….

    • It is nice to see and explore the world, but it would also be nice to find a place, where the feeling could to call it a home and feel home.

      • I understand that Irene. I feel like I have community with people. But I wish I had community within a “place” where I am. Like of old. In the neighborhood where I grew up. Or when people were part of where they lived. I don’t feel that now.

  4. I understand what you are talking about Irene. I am fortunate to live where I am close to my son and daughter in law and my daughter is at the other end of the state but still in the same state I live in, California. I think it is hard to be so far from family. I think about where I would live as I get older and if I needed to sell my house. I have thought I would still want to be close enough to my kids to see them. Don’t have to be on top of them but would want to see them. I have read about house sharing or apartment sharing as well as a solution.

    • Thank you Deborah. I did live with house sharing with my son in Denmark to support him while he was still in education to be a glass house gardener, just before I moved to Spain, which also made it more difficult in the beginning here, because we were so close then. By many reasons I don’t wish to move back to Denmark, but I would wish to stay more close to my kids. Good for you to have your family inside same stat.

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