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As you may know I was so lucky to get my son at visit for 10 days in May.

One of the days we went to the beach with Odin to play and swim. My son did play a lot with Odin, while I did photograph and later we turned around and I played and my son took photos.


Odin just loved that we were two to play with him. He has so much energy and it was very nice to see how both my son and Odin enjoyed the playing

Here come more photos of Odin swimming and playing


Odin was so happy, it was wonderful

IMG_20150507_200427 IMG_20150507_200349 IMG_20150507_200832 IMG_20150507_200641 IMG_20150507_200629

I hope that you enjoyed our afternoon at the beach

I will show you more photos from the time my son was here in the coming days



Comments on: "Beach day with my son & Odin – 8 Photos" (17)

  1. These photos are great, Irene. It looks like the 3 of you had fun. I wish you had included some of the pics your son took of you and Odin.

    • Thank you Linda. I would also like to, but we had problems with downloading his photos, of course in last minut – almost. Maybe he can send me some of them as he has.

  2. Silver Threading said:

    Great photos Irene. Great seeing Odin and the ocean, always beautiful. You have a handsome son! ❤

  3. I’ve seen Odin more than your son! lol I hope you have a wonderful visit Irene. 🙂

  4. What joyful photos Irene! You can see how happy Odin was. So nice to see your son too!

  5. Odin is so cute and seemed very at home in the water. Wonderful time spent with your son. Hope the upcoming pics include you, maybe you and your son, or perhaps Odin doesn’t know how to operate the camera? 😉

  6. I did enjoy it! I think if I were Odin I would be in dog heaven too!!!! That looks like splendid fun Diana! 🙂

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