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Since my son’s visit earlier this month I have been very mindful. I didn’t see him since I left Denmark almost 3 years ago, which is very, very long time. Last year I was so lucky to have my daughter at visit here after not having seen her in almost 2 years, which I then felt were much too long time.

Now I do really miss both of my adult kids and wish that I could stay much more close to them and be there to support them, when they need that. Just to be able to visit each other without the need of travel between 1.400 km to 2.300 km first. I really think about leaving Spain to get more close to my kids and I think it will be to Germany, because my daughter lives there and the weather and humidity in Germany is better for my health than in Denmark, where my son is living.

I have been thinking about this for a while and even I love the sun, nice weather and beaches here in Spain, I feel the need to get closer to my kids. So now I’m started to look for houses in same area, where my daughter is living in South Germany close to Stuttgart. I will need to find a house, where I will be allowed to have both Odin and my two old cats, as need a garden to go out and enjoy the fresh air. My cats don’t run so far away any longer at adventures, but they are also almost 12 years old now. When they were younger, they had their adventures, but they don’t run so far now. They are both neutralized and stay close to their home, for what I’m happy.

If any of you have a chance to help me with a house in South Germany for rent, I will very grateful. Until I find one, I will safe money for the movement. It feels good to have taken the descision about this movement and I learned German in the school and used it again many years later, when I studied to be a teacher. So I think it will be back fast, when I start to use it again. Here where I live now, there are many people from Germany and when I meet them, we are talking in German together, which made me believe, that I will learn to use the language again.

I have learned a lot of Spanish, while living here, but still I feel my German is better than my Spanish. When I went to school as a child, we had both English and German with exams. We did also learn to read and understand some Swedish and Norwegian, so we had a chance to understand our neighbors. Later I took some classes in French, but I didn’t use that much for many years, so I’m not able to talk in French today.

What kind of languages did you learn in your life?



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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: β€œalmost.”  Use it however you’d like. Have fun!

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  1. I have family who live near where your daughter lives. Lovely area. Hope you can get more time with your children.

  2. Good luck finding a house.

  3. Best of luck to you, Irene. Amazing that you can get along in so many languages!

    • Thank you very much. I think that it is the right to learn languages from early age, then we learn better and it is necessary to use those languages not to forget them.

  4. Irene it amazes me that you make the changes in your life, I have lived in the same town for 50 years. You are brave to have left Denmark to Spain, and now will go to Germany. Good for you! I hope you find a nice house near your daughter.

  5. Good luck Diana, I hope you find the perfect new home to be closer to your daughter. I’ve lived in the same general area all of my life. I would love to live in other places….but I can’t make myself leave the people here.

  6. Happy home-hunting πŸ™‚

  7. The daughter said:

    I cannot wait, Mama! ❀

  8. Good luck with finding a suitable house Irene.

  9. Wow, that’s a big move, Irene! I wish you the best of luck with finding a lovely place to live.
    I know a little of a few languages – French, American Sign Language, and Japanese.
    If I may ask, what is your mother tongue?

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