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Odin waited for me to take photos and he war really patient ๐Ÿ˜€


We have many kind of cactus in the nature in Spain. At the moment several of them are flowering and I find the flowers very beautiful

wpid-img_20150520_190013.jpg wpid-img_20150520_190044.jpg wpid-img_20150520_190047.jpg wpid-img_20150523_182148.jpg

This cactus has the red cactus fruits as are very tasteful, just you clean them for needles before enjoying ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope you enjoyed our cactus walk


Comments on: "Flowering Cactus in Spain – 6 Photos" (7)

  1. Beautiful! We have cactus on our property, but I think it has only bloomed once, with a small yellow flower in the 28 years we’ve lived here. I sat, falling on a cactus, when I was a child, so they’re not my favorite, but I’m changing my view of cactus with your photos.

    • I’m happy that you enjoy the photos Linda, these cactus are really beautiful now with all those flowers. Both Odin and I try to stay away from them to avoid needles etc. which are very painful.
      Cactus demand a lot of warm and they are growing like crazy here in Spain.

  2. I have never seen cactus so beautiful. Didn’t realize they bloomed like that. Stunning show they put on. Xx

  3. Odin with the happy face:) First time seeing red cactus fruit.. thanks for sharing, Irene.

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