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When I use the word Bone in my house, Odin is very ready, look at me and expect to have a chewing bone for him to enjoy. Then I don’t see my dog for a time, while he just enjoy his bone.

In this week I have been working in my garden. I like when it looks nice, then I enjoy to be out there so much more. There were and are still a lot to do, but it is okay, I just take my time. In the mid day it is too warm, so I need to work either early or late, unless I can do something in the shadow.

My roses are almost ended for this time, so I needed to cut them. Then I have the change to see them blooming in short time again.

I have also been sewing some more tops for the Summer and repaired some clothe.

I’m still cleaning up and out to prepare for my next movement. Uh all takes time and it is tough work, but nice when it is done. This time I will not travel with so much, as I use to, when I move. But how just to throw out my stuff? Not so easy, maybe I will need this and that etc. But no, this time I need to be better to throw out, what will not be used in short time.

I would really like to know, where I will be in my life in just 3 months, but right now I don’t know anything. I try my best, but it is not so easy. Sometimes life gives us some testings for us to see, if we are taking the right decisions in our life. I try to use my intuition best possible, but find it difficult to trust this sometimes, even I do know, this will be the best decisions, as I can take. The Future can sometimes seems difficult to predict.

I would really like to find my inner peace and then move on from there, but this is difficult for me right now, why I haven’t posted so much from the area, where I live in Spain, for a long time.

I miss my family, my friends and my life, as I once had. I don’t wish my life exactly the same as before, but then life would be a little more preditable than now. I think that I just need to find myself and find out, how I wish to live the rest of my life.

Are you satisfied with your life, as it is now?



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Linda wrote:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: β€œbone.”  Do with it whatever comes to mind. Have fun!

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Comments on: "Bone – This post is part of SoCS" (6)

  1. I think we should be happy where we are, but to be truly satisfied would mean we would stay as is and that would get boring. We need to keep evolving. I too have trouble letting go of my stuff, and the gardens are never finished, but as long as we enjoy the moment it doesn’t matter where we will be in three months or three years,

    • You are right, that we need to do our best, but sometimes life tests us. And I do really need to know more than I do today. Let us see, what the weekend will bring.
      Thank you for commenting πŸ™‚

  2. Transitions are difficult. I have been going through one for a while now. Adjusting to not having a full time career/job and not being a full time mother. Kind of roaming around and bouncing off the walls. Good to tune in to yourself. I just started taking yoga classes again. Gentle yoga. I hope to tune in more to me too.

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