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There is a ring of great bloggers here at WordPress. Actually there are so many, as I would like to read more often, that I do now, but it is difficult to reach all, when I follow so many as I do. I do my best to follow up at your blogs.

When I need to find support for anything, have a question as I don’t know, whom to ask, I just go to WP and find answers for almost everything here. This ring of great bloggers is fantastic. It goes all around our world, which I enjoy so very much.

Before I joined WP, I used to google, when I had a question. Now I prefer to search for an answer in here. Often I just need to open my Reader, scroll a bit and then there are a blog post about my question. It is really fantastic πŸ˜€

As you might know, we have heat waves in big parts of Europe now. Here in Spain, where I live, we have 32 C. – 90 F. now at around 5 pm. Some places are even more warm. It is necessary to relax in the middle of the day either in the shadow or indoor, while the sun are really strong and burning. Next heat wave should be more warm, they say…..

Both Odin & my cats enjoy the shadow down my big tree in the garden now. It is still too hot for a walk. I will see, if Odin and I can get space at the beach later tonight, so we can bath, swim and play there. We have one little beach, where there are no sign telling No dogs, so I hope there will be space for us later. It is wonderful to swim and cool a little down in the heat.

What do you do to cool down in the heat?



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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: β€œring.”  Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

You can join too πŸ˜€

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  1. Hot weather is hard especially when we have humidity with it. Usually have to turn on the air conditioner here in Southern California because the heat beating down on our roof causes the house to heat up so much. There have been times when the power goes out and we have to go in the pool. We do not heat the pool and the water can feel cold. But when it is so hot the cold water feels great. πŸ™‚

  2. Living here in the desert, it is our hot, hot time of year. Having relocated from the shores of the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, with cooling ocean breezes , it has been an adjustment moving here. Everyone here has air conditioning and use swimming pools to cool off when outside. The neighborhoods get quiet this time of year as people tend to stay indoors or in their pools.

  3. You are lucky being near the beach.. Love the sea breezes to cool down.. And yes you are right so many wonderful blogs and bloggers Irene.. and not enough time in the day to visit them all.
    I sit in the shade and indulge in ice-cream πŸ™‚ Enjoy your bathing and swim.. πŸ™‚ Hugs Sue x

  4. I stay indoors! I do any gardening early in the morning, or as the sun goes down. I cannot take the heat at all! 80-90F is pretty typical here in the summer, but yesterday was a nice 22C and I really enjoyed that πŸ™‚

  5. To cool down, I find this works every time:
    Take one freezer-chilled pint glass, fill with a shot of Pimms, a shot of cranberry juice, a slice of lime and plenty of ice, top up with a well chilled dry apple cider.
    Add a sprig of mint and twist of cucumber to taste.
    It does the trick very nicely. ;~}

  6. It’s really hot and crazy-humid in Washington, DC this week. That spot sounds heavenly. Hugs@

  7. WordPress is indeed a wonderful place! It’s hot here too at times – I have one window air conditioner to cool my whole house – and fans everywhere! Hope you’re doing okay, Irene!

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