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Dear Reader

A new follower at my Facebook for my shop told me, that she could not visit my blog without receive a warning, that my blog could be dangerous for her PC’s security. Have you received same kind of warnings? Please tell me, thank you.

For your knowledge, I take very much care of my own PC’s security and don’t allow bad things inside my PC.

For you to know, what I do, when I create a new post for my jewelry: I go to one of my shops at either Etsy or DaWanda and create a new selling there. After that I copy the photo and insert this in my blogpost and create my post in here. I think that can be the problem, just because I copy the photo from another website.

Even I change this, I will have to change all my blog posts for you not to receive this warnings, so I have decided to go on in same way as I use to and I hope that you will not be scared for visiting my blog. I didn’t know, that I could get this problem before after very, very long time, when this kind woman told me.

I hope to hear from you, also about your experiences in same way.

Best Wishes


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  1. I think this a blip in the system because I sometimes get that for other websites (WP or otherwise) but not on a constant basis, if you see what I mean. Might be worth getting in touch with WP helpers.

  2. No Warnings came up for me Irene (I have an anti virus program that can stop a bull elephant in it’s tracks, then lets me know it’s done it, plus, When you’re signed into your WordPress account – ASKMET warns you of any anomalies before letting you proceed)
    If she has MacAfee – it gives warnings if someone in the next block sneezes πŸ˜€

  3. I’m sorry you are having problems, Irene. The only problem I seem to have is my dislike for the new reader. Good luck with everything on your end!!! ❀

  4. Silver Threading said:

    No warnings for me either. It probably alerts her to the Etsy shop because that is a site for selling items. I wouldn’t worry. ❀

  5. I haven’t gotten any warnings, Irene.

  6. I’ve never had this problem. It could come from a network’s security program.

  7. abyssbrain said:

    There are many reasons why this kind of thing happens. Most likely, it’s just a bug on the server which triggered the browser’s security of your follower. Also, your follower may be using Firefox, which is quite notorious for giving false positives.

    There’s also another bizarre possibility. Weirdly enough, this tends to happen if the time on your computer is incorrect (This is common for old computers since the computer clock actually needs a battery to operate and many people aren’t aware of it).

    • Thank you for answering too. She told me, that got a warning every time as she tried to open my blog site.
      I just came to think if others had same problem.

  8. Hi Irene, I would not worry too much about this. I sometimes get this message when visiting Blogs that I visit quite often. It is probably some glitch, like others are saying. If I know it is a site I visit often, I usually hit “continue to site.” I have never had any issues going to your site! πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Irene, Sometimes the problem is in the server that hosts your site. Phone their tech support and ask for help. If it is hosted directly by WordPress, e-mail them and tell them about the problem.
    I hope this is easily resolved. I’ll keep visiting anyway.

    • Thank you for answering Michael. I do use WordPress and have only heard from this one, who had the problem. I just wondered, if other have had same experience at my blog or at others.
      I’m happy that you will keep visiting πŸ˜€

  10. I’ve never had that problem with your blog Irene. πŸ™‚ It could be on her end, not yours.

  11. I have not received any warnings for your site. Sometimes if an individual goes to a site for the first time their security settings may give them a warning. Normally if you feel comfortable with the site you hit continue and the warning never appears again.

  12. Sometimes webpages/apps will “warn” you if you click a link to a new page outside their domain. That sort of warning is really for their own (Facebook’s) protection.
    In law class we called that a CYA…cover your ass (; It doesn’t mean your site is dangerous, it means Facebook doesn’t “know” you, but they do carry your link so just in case you ARE dangerous, a message pops up so that they can’t be sued later on for a dirty link. Hope that makes sense (:

  13. I have never had it with your site but I have had it before with sites taking you from FB, they usually seem to happen to me just after my anti-virus thing has updated I gave Avast and that can be quite sensitive to threats at times it even tried to tell me my own website was dangerous after one update lol

    • Thank you Paula. I gave up Avast after many problems and use now MS Essentials, which haven’t teased me in same way.

      • I am not a huge fan of Avast but for some reason Defender and MS essentials didn’t seem to work well on this laptop I put it down to the fact it is a dinosaur windows 7 refurb personally I prefer having Norton but hoping this computer is not my main one for long

        • It is funny, how it works different. I have Windows 7 too and it works for me. I don’t like Norton, find it very aggressive. Great with several choices πŸ˜‰

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