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I have thought about, how we are reacting, when we go through crisis. We are all individuals and our way to react often different from each other. What is working for one, will maybe not work for another.

If we are so lucky to have family or good friends, we may ask for their advise to handle our situation. Not all are so lucky to have family or good friends, which make them more sensitive for critic fx. online. Many people have only online friends and some of these are very positive and open-minded and other not. So if we ask for advises online, we must be prepared for different kind of answers. Sometimes the advises are usable and other times not. I use to say, that constructive advises always are welcome. Then we can listen and act like we feel will be the right for us.

In the area where I live in Spain there are many dogs and not all are treated well. At least there are new rules for how to behave to our pets and also punishment for the few, who behave bad. Good for the animals.

Two days ago when I went out for our morning walk with Odin, we came into a crisis because of another male dog, an old big dog at 12 years as has attacked Odin several times, when we have passed his house or just met him at our walk. The owner is an old woman at 80 years and she can’t control him, when he is a little away from her. Neither have him in a leash, he is much too strong. This dog has no problems with female dogs, only with the males. The owner let him out and walk with him without a leash and sometimes he is out for himself, which I am not able to change.

I had Odin in the leash because we were close to where the houses starts in our area and he use to get his leash on here. Odin did just play with another big dog without problems. Then this dog came running against us, first to me to see, if I would deliver a candy, which I didn’t. Then to Odin beside me and then the problems started. I needed to release Odin, so he was able to protect himself this time. Earlier he has been attacked, while we walked in the leash and without being able to protect himself, because I have been able to get the other dog to run home. He use to have respect for me, but this time it went really wrong. They fighted in several minutes before I were able to get the other dog to leave and got a close look at Odin. He had blood in his face and I was scared for other kind of damages, so we went home and got him cleaned. It seems like it was the other dog got damaged this time, maybe by Odins collar, he use to go for Odins neck first. Odin has a little damage in one ear, but nothing else. Now I just hope that the other dog got a little respect. Odin is not a small puppy any longer but 2½ years old and not adult yet.

I don’t wish to get an aggressive dog and have trained Odin to act good, but in a situation like this, it is necessary that he can protect himself also. It is almost one year ago, first time the other dog attacked Odin and this made Odin a little scared, which I fully understand. But I can also feel scared to think about my dog could become a biter, if he got scared another time. This time he was able to respond, which he also did and I hope it helps at his self confidence.

Odin is a very strong dog and very big too, so I feel it is important to have control with him and to raise him to behave good to other, both human and animals.

Do you have any advise to, how to handle a situation like this here?

Please tell me, thank you



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  1. Very difficult but I think you are probably doing the right thing. Our dog has fought with a couple of other dogs when defending himself and it hasn’t led to him attacking as a matter of course. He has sustained no damage. The only wounds he’s got are from cats attacking!

  2. It is a shame that this happens near your home where you are hopeful to have a nice walk with your dog…perhaps you could talk to the owner of the dog and suggest to her she have him only on a leash when he goes out? If she is not willing then perhaps you could walk in the opposite direction? I have a small dog who was attacked at only 6 months old and is wary now of every dog that comes in his path. I continue to walk him but we usually will walk close to home or go to a local park that is not frequented by too many dogs. I wish you the best of luck in keeping your dog safe 🙂

    • Thank you for commenting Linda.
      The owner of the other big, very big dog is 80 years old and she can not hold him in a leash, only control him while he is very close to her. She is a good dog person and treat her dogs in a kind way, which I respect her for. She has another big dog, as only others can walk with, because he needs to walk in a leash and can’t run free. Why, I don’t know.
      I live close to the Sea, so I need to pass their house to go out in our nature here. This is now a bit complicated, but I do it anyway, because Odin needs his exercise and to be allowed to run without a leash. The opposite direction is the sea.
      Odin was also attacked first time, he was allowed to walk at the street and not only in my arms to a place without other dogs. He was then 3 months old and it was the first little dog as he met on the street, as came to say hello and then turned around and bited Odin. After that day Odin became a little scared to other dogs, which is understandable. But I have tried to find friends here, as he could be allowed to play with to socialize him with other dogs. Unfortunately this is not very used here. Many keep their dog very close and don’t allow them to play with other dogs, which is sad for the dogs.

  3. Oh no! I’m glad Odin is ok but that is scary. We were in a dog park yesterday with my husbands daughter and her dog. It’s a small dog but we were in the big dog area. Her dog, Tikki plays very nicely with all the dogs and there is never a problem until a pit bull started challenging her. My daughter said to do what you did which is release them off the leash, or in this case, don’t try to take your dog out of the situation because they need to work it out. But I wondered if that always works and from what you said it doesn’t! That’s so scary. I’m really glad he’s ok and hope you get some good advice.

    • Thank you Laura. Yes, it was very scary. Your daughter is right, the best will normal be to release both dogs in a neutral area. But not here, because the other dog can’t stand other male dogs. He attack Odin, when ever he get the chance. This dog use to have so much respect for me, so he doesn’t attack Odin, while Odin stands close to me. Here Odin standed behind me in the leash and the other dog went directly to attack Odin, while Odin still were in the leash. I just released the leash, couldn’t do anything else.
      While Odin and I were out walking yesterday afternoon, we met a new dog, as came running without leash, Odin was in the leash, directly against us. Not in an aggressive way, but the owner could not call him in. A bulldog. Then I had the time to release Odin and they could meet each other in a neutral area and there were no problems and no aggressions, even Odin was more awake, which was easy to see. They just ran around, then there came a car and I called Odin in, while the other dog did not listen at all, so they needed to hunt him to catch him. Then we continued our walk and Odin seemed to be good with this situation. I really wish, that he meet more friendly dogs than the aggressive.

      • We will be getting a dog at the end of the year. Learning about all this is very informative. Hope Odin and you stay safe!

        • Thank you Laura. We have had peace at our walks until now, I hope we will continue without more problems 😉
          It is good to learn both about dogs, but also about the single breeds before you decide what kind of dog will be the right one for you. They are very different to raise.

  4. It is so scary to watch two dogs fight. We had two female dogs–big dogs. The older one was very protective of me and for some reason they would get into fights that would leave them both bloodied and me very upset. We finally separated them. I don’t know what I would do if I were out walking and a dog attacked my dog. I would probably do the same thing and let them off their leash. I learned to never try to get between the fighting because once they get to the point of fighting, they can’t stop until they decide it’s over. I’m glad Odin is okay and I hope it did help with his confidence.

    • Thank you April, Odin is okay again. The worst here was, that he was attracked, while he was in the leash and stood behind me. The other dog use to have so much respect for me, that he doesn’t attack Odin, when Odin is so close to me, but this time he attacked directly so I just released the leash together with Odin. I would have prefered this in another way, but know the other dog well enough to know, that he will attack, if Odin is a little away from me.
      It is very scaring to watch them fight. I understand that you got scared. Good you got them seperated. Many dogs don’t accept other dogs of same kind females – other females, males – other males. I see that here very much. Really sad, when they could have had so much fun together, if they were allowed to play with other dogs from they were puppies.

      • One of our dogs was a rescue and we didn’t know her background. It took us a while to gain her trust but when we did she became very protective of me.

        When we brought home a female puppy, all things were okay and they played together until the puppy grew up and became larger than the older female. I wish I would have known more about dogs and that 2 females or 2 males wouldn’t make a bad combination. I know more about cats. 😀

        • Not all dogs have problems with their own kind, female or male, but some dogs don’t stand others of same kind.
          You don’t know the history of your rescue dog either and she could have had some bad experiences, as made her react like this April.
          Cats can also be special, when you wish to introduce a new family member. They don’t always accept, even by time.

  5. I’m so glad Odin is okay, Irene. That sounds very scary. I’ve never owned a dog and having indoor cats means I don’t have to deal with this sort of thing. Good thoughts to you and Odin.

  6. I don’t have any advise Irene, I don’t have pets. I’m relieved Odin is okay. And you too for that matter!

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