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It was cloudy, when we walked out today in the afternoon, which use to be good for having photos. Odin keep an eye with the area at this photo



The almonds are ready to taste now, not all are ready, but when the open the shell like here, the almond is ready


Odin has a break after we played with balls



The figs are soon ready for tasting, they need to be almost black or very dark, before they are ready


This olive tree is very big and old and no one take care in this area any longer, where we walk daily, so there are not many olives at the tree, but it is growing huge




Here you see a carob tree and there are many fruits at. Many animals love to eat them and Odin is one of them πŸ˜€


Odin relax here


Last an olive tree with olives at, not many and I don’t know what kind they will be yet, but we will see

I hope that you enjoyed our walk in our area of Spain


Comments on: "Afternoon walk in Spain – 12 Photos" (39)

  1. Silver Threading said:

    What great pictures! I never saw how almonds grew before. Thanks for sharing. I see Odin is a happy dog. ❀

  2. thanks for sharing these cool pictures!

  3. Wow, Irene, so many trees I have never seen. How fascinating! Thank you for showing them to us. Loved this post!!! Love, Amy ❀

  4. Wonderful photos and it is always a pleasure to see how happy Odin is! The figs look wonderful!

  5. Thanks, Irene. I loved following you and Odin around, as always. Forgive my ignorance, but what does one do with carob?

  6. I have never seen a fig tree. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Lovely shots and Odin looks like he had fun too. Tried to make a bonsai of a karob once (many years ago), not so good plan…love these posts from you as always.

  8. Wonderful post, Irene! I want to come walk with you!

  9. We enjoy carob trees, olive trees, pomegranate trees, orange and lemon trees here in North Cyprus, much like you in Spain. I also love fig trees, ours are ripening a bit behind you, Irene, but it’s fascinating looking at all the different fruit trees. There’s a great tradition here of olive trees, making olive oil and also preserving black and green olives in garlic and chopped lemon. Mind you, gotta remember that they still have stones in them, you don’t get pitted olives here.

    • I love all the different kind of trees, which we didn’t see in Denmark either Mo. I prefer the olives with stones, they have much more taste and we need to remember, that the black olives are colored, which I find unnatural.

  10. Hello Irene and Odin! Happy walking !!!!

  11. Dear Irene.. I so loved my walk with you and Odin and oh to have a few fig trees .. But especially Almond nuts.. how special is that to find along your walk.. πŸ™‚ xxx Lovely photos Irene.. Thank you xxx Sue xx

  12. Love your pics and your dog. Following you now.

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    Experience an afternoon walk in Spain!!

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