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First of all, I will say thank you for all your support to the competition for our new badge to this prompt. As you might know, we were 5, who had been creative. Congratulations to the winner: Hope Floats.

As you may know, I live in an area close to the Mediterranean Sea in Spain. Many of the houses here are only used in the Summer time, also some for renting, even we are many, who live here all the year.

In a neighbor house we have had a German family for the last two weeks, mother, father, grandmother, 2 kids at around 4-6 years old and a labrador. Oh my for a family, they have been very close to drive me insane with their very loud way of keeping their holidays.

Usual it is the kids, who are screeming and yelling by the swimmingpool, but in this case here, it was all in the family. I really don’t know, who did make worst of this noise but the dog was absolut the most quiet in this family.

I really don’t understand, how people can be so egoistic and not mind that there are other people, in this case many people, around them and they did really terrorize all with their behavior here. Thanks, they left the house yesterday…

I haven’t been much in my garden in this time, because of the very loud noise. It was impossible just to sit and enjoy my coffee outside. Then I decided to go inside my house and do what I had energy for instead. But we have Summer here and need to have windows and doors open just to breath.

I use to do my meditation by the Sea in the morning and later in the afternoon. At this time there are a lot of tourists here, so not peace for meditation at the beach at the moment and when I wished to do it inside the house, I needed to close all windows and doors just to get a little peace. Even then it was difficult to find peace. I have felt frustrated in this time. I don’t use to have that kind of problems here and I really don’t hope, that we get more of this kind of families in this Summer. I love to be able to use my garden more than in very early morning or very late night, which were the only times with peace outside.

What I really don’t understand is, why do parents not raise their kids to behave, so other people can stand being around them? I see this very often, it seems like people are scared for their own kids. If they don’t do anything wrong to their kids, why be scared? Parents don’t need to be their kids best friend, they need to be and act like parents, so their kids have a model to look up to. Kids need kids to be best friends with, not adults.

I find that very sad for the kids, when no one teach them, how to behave in our world. How will they be as adults? Very egoistic, I think.



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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS August 15/15

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  1. I never can understand how people don’t seem to care that they may be bothering others with their noise. I hope you continue to have peace since that family left.

    • Thank you April. Most of all I think that the parents teach the kids to be very egoistic from early age, which don’t make their lives more easy, when they grow up.

  2. I’m truly sorry for your lack of peace. If it is one thing I require, it is quiet. And yes these people today are rude having very little respect for others. I don’t get it either. I am actually watching parents of young children today who do not raise their voices for matters of discipline. If children are not taught discipline as a child, they will be uncontrollable later in life. We have a park behind us and one day RAP music was playing so loud but it was not stopped. There is a sign on this park that says no loud music. Yet, because these people were black, the police did nothing. That is taking advantage and extremely rude. So yes I know what peace means …. by the end of that day my nerves were frazzled. Hang in there, Irene. I hope the rest of the tourists are well behaved. Love, Amyy ❤

    • Thank you Amy, I do also require peace, at least in my home. I do understand and accept, that people are in holiday mood and maybe a little more loud than usual, but this family were really behaving without any kind of respect for others than themselves. I have been close to go insane without peace here, why I have been very late up in the night just to have peace and possibility for meditation without loud noise.
      I do also find it very sad, that kids don’t get raised, it will not be fun for them to grow up either.
      Love, Irene

      • I am praying you get your peace you require for your sanity, Irene. Also my statement about the people in the park had nothing to do with prejudice, I would have said purple if they were purple. Today on my walk back in the same park, many black gatherings I saw, and all were all well behaved. So it isn’t about race. It is about who the people are within their hearts. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

  3. Silver Threading said:

    I have often wondered the same thing about parents and children, Irene. It is a part of the whole world now this disregard for other people and their feelings. I was raised to be quiet and I did the same with my children… although they would say that I kept them too quiet probably! LOL. Thank goodness they don’t live there all the time. ❤

    • I raised mine to behave good outside the house and just be themselves at home, with all what followed. I think it is important that also kids can feel like themselves and home in their own home. They have always behaved good, as others told me.

  4. Ahh to have peace and quiet… Fabulous isnt it? May your weekend peace & quiet make up for those two weeks!

  5. Many people just seem to think they are the only people in the world. I actively avoid those people as much as I can. Hope you find the peace you need soon!

  6. Oh, Irene, This sounds so frustrating! I hope the rest of your summer goes better.

  7. I wonder what would have happened if you had gone out to meditate. Seated, quietly, and if they would have noticed? Who knows, maybe it would have inspired them to shhhhhhh !!!

  8. Raising kids can be tough all right. My experiences with mine are a little skewed because of their mental problems, so it’s hard for me to visualize what it’s like anymore to raise a “normal” child. 😛
    I hope you find an extended time of peace outside of your home soon!

    • Thank you Linda. It isn’t easy to raise kids, no matter they have mental health problems or not, but consequence is necessary to use, otherwise the kids become frustrated.

  9. Oh sad…!!ur post really captured my attention… Though its too late to comment…
    Kids r growing up with electronic equipments … They r digitalized…
    Parents are not willing to teach them the power of imagination and also dnt want to spend time with them…so they r growing as such as noisy…
    As they dnt know the meaning of peace and silence… There is no art and creativity otherthan violence…

    • It is not to late to comment 😉
      The problem is that many parents are not using time and energy to raise their kids and learn them the values in life. If the parents themselves use their electronic equipments all day, how shall the kids learn to play and act different?

      • U said the truth..!!
        Being a parent my kid is now going to be 5 yrs .. I’ve suspended all my hobbies away to give her total attention .. And used all my free time with her making her imaginative by coloring with crayons ,first her favorite characters and now she started doing watercolor painting herself… studied color combinations and lil secrets…she had a quality time with her baby dolls when on her shower time.. And so on… Recently ive started my hobbies again… With much pleasure…

        • It sounds healthy for your daughter 🙂
          Great that you started your own hobbies up again. I don’t think, that is good to take all away of your own interests, maybe slow a little down, but kids need to see, that we are doing something good and creative for ourselvses too. This is inspiration for them 😀

          • Kept a part of hobbies with me…like crocheting hats for her.. She s proud on wearing that …now working on a minion hat for her..was doing little bits of sewing.. For her little frocks…she loved that too.. But totally kept away my oil painting ..fabric painting.. Clay modelling…and needle works away..
            As i was afraid that if she take and eat it up…!!! She also like to do all my hobbies i think she got crazy over all that i do as she was watching….!!

          • I will share some of her hats that i made for her in my blog …. Love

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