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I do know, that you are doing your very best to keep WordPress Blog Area so good as possible, BUT:

Why can’t I see, which post my readers like any longer? Now I just get to know, that they like your post at IreneDesign2011, which is NOT smart. I create several posts per day and I would really like to know, which post people like…

After your last updates at your application for Androids, there are not much as do function any longer….. I don’t get updates or I receive a bip and can see a big W, so there should be a message for me, but NO, maybe I will receive it inside the next hours. This is not satisfying.

When I wish to visit blogs as I follow from my Androids, many times I receive the message: This blog is empty….. No it is NOT empty, I found out, that if I click at the blog name upstairs this message, I can open their blog and it is NOT EMPTY. Why???

Instead of making WordPress more easy to use, you are making all much more difficult for us bloggers. Why???

I understand, that you wish to create a great platform, but for now you are destroying more than you are doing good.

I really hope, that we will get a platform, where we can use our creativity without more get destroyed.

Thank you!

Best Wishes


Comments on: "Dear WordPress – Please Help" (19)

  1. I have to use WordPress on my phone now, and I have to say, that WordPress is almost unusable on my phone! I thought it was bad with my iPad! But things move contantly, and you can press and press buttons and nothing at all happens. I think WordPress is made less usable instead of more usable with each update! It’s very frustrating.

  2. Is there anything more annoying than WordPress? I mean seriously the app absolutely frigging sucks and they are constantly changing things on the main website. It gets so damn frustrating!

  3. Hope it works out!! Sorry yes I have seen the blog is empty too!

  4. Did you ask on the wordpress forum? They are usually good about answering queries

  5. I’m having the same problems too. It is not just you! ❀

  6. Must be an WP Android issue. I don’t have this problem with the iPhone… or not yet… Interesting (and annoying).

  7. Raises hand. Me too! Hope they resolve this

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