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I do know, that you are doing your very best to keep WordPress Blog Area so good as possible, BUT:

Why can’t I see, which post my readers like any longer? Now I just get to know, that they like your post at IreneDesign2011, which is NOT smart. I create several posts per day and I would really like to know, which post people like…

After your last updates at your application for Androids, there are not much as do function any longer….. I don’t get updates or I receive a bip and can see a big W, so there should be a message for me, but NO, maybe I will receive it inside the next hours. This is not satisfying.

When I wish to visit blogs as I follow from my Androids, many times I receive the message: This blog is empty….. No it is NOT empty, I found out, that if I click at the blog name upstairs this message, I can open their blog and it is NOT EMPTY. Why???

Instead of making WordPress more easy to use, you are making all much more difficult for us bloggers. Why???

I understand, that you wish to create a great platform, but for now you are destroying more than you are doing good.

I really hope, that we will get a platform, where we can use our creativity without more get destroyed.

Thank you!

Best Wishes


Comments on: "Dear WordPress – Please Help" (19)

  1. Little Monster Girl said:

    I have to use WordPress on my phone now, and I have to say, that WordPress is almost unusable on my phone! I thought it was bad with my iPad! But things move contantly, and you can press and press buttons and nothing at all happens. I think WordPress is made less usable instead of more usable with each update! It’s very frustrating.

  2. Is there anything more annoying than WordPress? I mean seriously the app absolutely frigging sucks and they are constantly changing things on the main website. It gets so damn frustrating!

  3. Hope it works out!! Sorry yes I have seen the blog is empty too!

  4. Did you ask on the wordpress forum? They are usually good about answering queries

  5. Silver Threading said:

    I’m having the same problems too. It is not just you! ❀

  6. Must be an WP Android issue. I don’t have this problem with the iPhone… or not yet… Interesting (and annoying).

  7. Raises hand. Me too! Hope they resolve this

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