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I have been temporary away from SoCS and other kind of writing for a while because I needed to recover my energy and abundance. I live close to the Mediterranean Sea in Spain and we have had a lot of tourists in our area in the Summer time here and not all tourists were acting considerately. Many make a lot of noise, which for me is very bad. I am noise sensitive and then get screaming neighbors did not help. Some were even screaming in the nights too. I feel very happy, that those people left again and it became possible to find the peace as usual is here.

The Autumn is close here too, even we still have warm in the air in daytime. The nights are cold now and we have had a lot of rain and storm for a while now. Some days also nice sun in the middle of the day. This change in the weather gave me a cold, which also drained me for energy.

It is soon time to look for another house again, because my contract for renting this house ends the 31. of December. Right now I don’t know, where next stop will be, but time will show. I have seen several parts of Spain in the 3 years, as I have lived here.

With the Autumn come the time for indoor activities, which for me means more time for creating my jewelry. I try to find inspiration in the nature for my next creations. I hope that you will like them. As you might know, I do sell my jewelry at both Etsy & DaWanda and have also made an offer for this weekend for my readers at WordPress. You can read more about this offer here

I hope to find the abundance to develope my other pages at my blog, which include Jewelry, Personal Development and Gemstones & their Energies. I haven’t been to good to update all the pages for long time.

I’m still working to clean out of my house, what I don’t use any longer. It is clothe and everything else, that just are filling up space. It is a big job and I’m not very good to come through it all. It takes so long time, as I could use for so much else πŸ˜‰

Meditation & Yoga are very important for me to find my inner peace. I enjoy to walk with my dog Odin in the nature here. We walk both in the nature and by the sea, where I often do my meditation. It is so peaceful now, where there are not so many tourists any longer. It is also soon time, where Odin again will be allowed to swim in the sea. This is more difficult, while there are many tourists and not legal many places either.

Which plans do you have for your Autumn?



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you can find here:

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept 12/15

Linda wrote:Β Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: β€œtemp.”  Use a word with β€œtemp” anywhere in it – beginning, middle or end – or use it as a word all on its own. Enjoy!

Comments on: "Temp – This post is part of SoCS" (19)

  1. That is why I always dreamed of having a cabin overlooking a lake with no neighbors to get away from the noise, Normal noise is ok once in awhile but that screaming or worse not for me.

  2. I am glad things are peaceful for you now. I can relate to the need to sort through a lot of stuff because I have the same situation with my house. I have been thinking lately that maybe I should hire someone to come in and help.

    • I find it difficult to have people helping, only I know what I want to do with my things.
      Thank you Deborah.

      • I know just what you mean. I feel like that too. But then when someone is helping me it really does help me to feel less overwhelmed. I have always done my own housework pretty much but I am starting to see the benefit of getting some help. I will let you know if I actually follow my own advice. πŸ™‚

  3. I live in a tourist town as well. It’s also a University town and I am always glad when tourist season is over and September back-to school Frosh Week is done. The noise levels, the crowds, the endless stream of sirens…I like Fall but I’m not as a big a fan of rain as I am of snow. I love cold weather!

  4. Glad you have peace once again. Life has a way of leading us to the place we need to be, so I’m sure your next place will be wonderful. I love hearing about your life…oh and Odin’s too!

  5. I’m glad the noise mongers are gone Irene. It feels like you can now prepare for a productive autumn and winter season. I have some “little” traveling plans for the fall. But mostly….work.

  6. Oh I feel you. March this year was chaotic and I knew I just had to get away to even hear myself think. Glad you feeling better

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