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Odin do enjoy his break by the Mediterranean Sea, while I look around and decide to take some photos. In the North-West part of Spain, they have heavy storm and Autumn weather, while we still enjoy good weather in our part of Spain.

When I watched the sea this morning there were big waves from far away, I think this must be our part of this storm. The wind has been heavy all day here, just with sunshine too.

I just love to watch the sea, also while it shows the power



There were no humans bathing this morning, while we were there. As you can see the waves are almost all over the beach, where people use to stay








I zoomed here to show you, how filled the sea were with sand today. When the big waves are working, they bring the sand in movement, so where we use to have clear water and see the bottom, that was not possible today



I hope that you enjoyed our morning by the beach


Comments on: "Sunrise & Waves in Spain today – 12 Photos" (5)

  1. Thanks for the beach time, Irene. I particularly loved the 3rd photo, under which you said no humans were bathing today. Stunningly beautiful picture! Say “HI” to Odin for me, please.

  2. Silver Threading said:

    Irene! These are marvelous pictures of your ocean and beach! WOW! Hugs and kisses to Odin too. ❤

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