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The heat has been tough in the summer this year in Spain. We have had several heat waves many places here. Where I live, we have had temperatures up around 40 C. – 104 F. Few days more warm, while the heat waves were heavy here.

I haven’t had much energy for a while, why it is a little while ago, since I joined SoCS last time. When the abundance is not in top, I need to prioritize, where to use the energy.

I have used much time to practice training with Odin. He is now 2½ years old and more ready to learn like an almost adult. Dogs need to be 3 years old to be called adults. I practice behavior, how to walk nice – also when we meet other dogs etc. I’m grateful that Odin love to learn new and most of the times, he responds positive. He has also found some new friends, as he is allowed to play with sometimes, which makes me happy. He needs to learn to socialize with other dogs, it is not enough, that my cats have learned him how to behave together with them 😀   They did an exellent job there…..

A little information to my New Readers; Thank you for visiting my blog, I do really appreciate that. I do also visit your blog and most often I will like at least one of your posts, maybe comment and share at Twitter too, and if I like your blog very much, I might be a new follower, but not always. Sometimes I get to visit blogs, where the blogger are blogging a lot about their religion and here I don’t do so much. Please understand that I respect your view of religion and for you to know, I’m not religious. I’m spirituel and work in many alternative ways and should I go close to any religion, it would be the Tibetan Buddhism. Few times I do like and share posts with religious topics as part of the post, but only because I really like the people behind those blogs and see them as good friends and I like to support my friends.

The autumn is also on the way, where I live in Spain. It is more cold in the nights and I need more clothe for our walks now. Still we have much sun in midday, which is wonderful and give opportunity to enjoy the garden and terrace. My roses are still blooming and are very beautiful.

Have you also had heat waves, where you live this summer?



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you can find here:

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept 26/15

Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “-eat.”  Use the word “eat” or add letters to it to make a different word. Don’t cheat!

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  1. I liked this post, Irene. I enjoy it when you get more personal, allowing me to get to know you a bit better. Thank you.

  2. Silver Threading said:

    Irene, I know you and I have cried on each other’s shoulders over the heat and humidity in Spain and Florida this summer. My husband is finally using the BBQ today. It has been so hot and humid he couldn’t stand it. We are still waiting for an offer on our house. It has been a busy week. Sounds like you are well. Hugs to you and Odin too! ❤

    • Thank you Colleen and yes it has been hot both places this summer. I hope that the weather will be better for you in your new place. Good luck with your house selling. Enjoy a happy weekend.

  3. We agree about religion, Irene, to which I think you already knew. Great job with Odin and I am happy for you that the heat has broke giving you cooler temps. Have a wonderful weekend!!! Love, Amy ❤

  4. Hi Irene. We have been having heat waves here as well in Southern California. I know just what you mean about it taking your energy. It really does. I think I waste so much time during the day because of the heat. It sounds like it is cooling down in Spain. Maybe we will get a smidgen of Autumn here. I like that your cats have trained Oden. ❤

  5. Oh Irene, I cannot bear the heat at all. I could never suffer Spain. All of that beauty would be wasted on me, as I’d just be so uncomfortable all the time! We had a mild summer. August was dramatically cooler than normal, but September has been just like August, which is not pleasing me at all!
    My dog is 5 and still pulls on a leash at times. It’s the squirrels and bunnies she wants.
    I too, am wary of religious blogs. I’m a Unitarian, and much prefer spiritual discussion to religious doctrine.
    Have a lovely weekend 🙂

    • Thank you Joey. Good for you that you don’t live with heat, but more cold.
      Odin has learned not to hunt more than big birds. We have millions of rabbits here and many are sick, so I taught him not to hunt at all.
      wish you a great weekend too 😉

  6. I love your honesty, and how you are so respectful of others Irene. 🙂

  7. As you know, Irene, we’ve had a constant heatwave of 38-40C every day from July-August. It is now getting a bit cooler, thank goodness. I’m looking forward to moving somewhere cooler as I can’t tolerate this heat. I’m the same as you – not interested in religion but in spirituality from the heart.

  8. Our summer wasn’t too bad – hot but consistently, so you could get used to it rather than getting hit with it. We only had a few days that got up to 40 degrees – that’s normal for here. I’m glad fall is here too, Irene!

    • Good to hear Linda. The weather are changing are over the world and give very different kind of weather. Some places are more cold than usual and others more hot.

  9. Your question about heat waves? Oh yes, it has been very hot here. Yesterday going up Mount Hamilton, I was expecting it to be a little chilly since it is over 4,000 feet high. But no, it was hot, hot, hot, or as you say in Spain, muy caliente!

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