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Beach & Rainbow


It is really become Autumn in Spain now. We get more rain, heavy weather and the waves are very big


When the waves are so big, it is a little dangerous to come too close to them, why Odin and I kept ourselves in a little distance


There were heavy rain for short time and then I saw this rainbow


Just went out of the house to take these photos

I hope, that you enjoyed


Comments on: "Beach & Rainbow" (9)

  1. Lovely! I love the rainbow picture! Nice to know what Autumn is like in Spain!

  2. All the pictures quite beautiful. The texture of the beach is very interesting and different than what I know it to be. Have a nice weekend Irene.

  3. Spain is the country I am in love with even without having visited once. I have a strange affair with the place. The clicks were lovely. Wishing you a happy autumn!

  4. The promise within a rainbow….. 🙂

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