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The autumn is clearly to see today. The waves are high and the clouds show that we will get more rain


Odin enjoy a break


A little of the sunrise, before the clouds took over


Odin is ready to go on now



As you can see, the sea is alive here now

I hope that you enjoyed


Comments on: "Morning walk in Spain – 6 Photos" (23)

  1. A lovely morning walk. Here too autumn is showing.

  2. Nice colours in the sky. 🙂

  3. Beautiful and scenic, Irene!

  4. Oh Irene, what lovely, wonderful photos! And Odin is a sweetheart, bless!! Cher xo

  5. A beautiful walk, as always, Irene. I particularly loved the first photo today. Something about the angle and the water coming up into the rocks. Nice! Odin looks happy. I hope you are feeling better since the temperatures are cooling.

    • Thank you Linda, nice that you could join our walk today. Odin enjoy that we can walk a bit longer now, where he isn’t so hot any longer. It is more easy to do something, when we can breath again.

  6. Irene I am a little bit jealous that you can walk to this beautiful site. 🙂 But oh so happy you share it with us!

  7. Thanks for taking us with you.

  8. Lisa Mari said:

    Var nok en fin tur😊💖

  9. I really like your photo walks 🙂

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