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We had a beautiful morning today and I decided to let Odin swim in the Mediterranean Sea from our beach. It is long time ago, that Odin had a chance to swim here because of the many tourists, as have been here in the Summer.

As you might know, we need to use Spot-On at Odin every 3. week here to avoid him to be sick by insect bites etc.There are several kind of sickness, as dogs here easy get and some die for those, which is very sad, when it is possible to avoid. I can only let Odin swim, just before his new Spot-On and then again in 3 weeks.

As you can see at the photos, Odin enjoyed his swimming and playing with balls in the water. I didn’t zoom today, but you can enlarge the photos by clicking at them. Here you also better see the beach and the area in same time


wpid-wp-1444397992323.jpeg wpid-wp-1444397979531.jpeg wpid-wp-1444397951406.jpeg wpid-wp-1444397943706.jpeg

wpid-wp-1444397931261.jpeg wpid-wp-1444397925400.jpeg wpid-wp-1444397921697.jpeg


I hope that you enjoyed


Comments on: "Sunrise & Odin at the Beach in Spain – 10 Photos" (22)

  1. It looks like Odin was having a blast playing in the water today. Beautiful sunrise for all to enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love these walks! thanks for sharing!

  3. These made me smile. Beautiful light on the water and I see Odin is having a fabulous time! I meant to ask you…was Odin named after the Norse God?

  4. Always love seeing these photos! Beautiful!

  5. Odin looks like he really enjoys the water. And what a beautiful place! I’d love to go to Spain.

  6. Irene, very enjoyable,and beautiful!!!! How cold is the water? You have already found Our weakness, which is animals, but a good dog is a true friend, and it is quiet obvious what you feel for Odin, people talk of their animals, but few seldom mention care and upkeep, My Brother Frank and I were born on a small farm, and animals have a very big place in Our life. We bred German Shepards for years, and train Schutzhund, 2 of which were Schutzhund 3 .
    You have a beautiful site

  7. Now these are my new favorite pictures!!!!!

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