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Living in an often tough world is really a challenge. Even with a positive attitude and mind it can feel like too much sometimes.

We do all need to face the daily challenges and with a positive mind it is more easy to get through and over. Positive people do also have problems, they just don’t let them take all the attention, while negative people almost go totally down, when they face new problems. They are not always able to see solutions, why it also becomes more difficult to go through.

For a great part we are responsible for our own health and do also need to work mentally with ourselves, when we become very sick. An inner soul wash can be necessary to find a way out of this sickness. What worse is, when some of our beloved ones become very sick, then we are not responsible for their life, unless it is our kids, as we still are responsible for. It is very difficult to see and hear beloved ones become serious sick, we can’t do much to support them, if they don’t wish to listen. Or other people work against our way of help and support for the sick one. My thoughts goes out to a very dear friend in here, who is really fighting now. You know, who you are and know, that you are very loved.

We do all choose our own path in life, how we wish to live and also do this for real. Like when we were young and were filled with dreams for our future. Back then not many of us were so sick, as we often see, when we become older.

Back then we had dreams and when we think back for serious, how many of those dreams were lived out? Or did we allow others to close down our dreams and live their dreams instead? It is never too late to live out our dreams and they do change by years, so your dreams are possibly different today. Who are limiting you? Often it is yourself and if not, it is time to take responsibility for your our life and happiness now.

When I look at myself, I do see those limits too and most of all, I set up those limits for myself. Then I ask myself; What prevent you from doing this right now? Not much, I just need to kick myself most of the times.

Dreams can come true, if we really wish them to. I do have dreams, as I wish to live out. One day it is too late and I wish to be in front of that.

What about you and your dreams? Do you live out your dreams? What are you dreaming?



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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct 10/15

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  1. So true. It would be so wonderful to have now that feeling we had as children that anything was possible. It seems impossible to retain. I too must constantly kick myself to do the things I Want to do. Do we just get lazy?

  2. Very good post-Irene, My opinion is that when it comes to dreams we aspire to be great, full of energy etc.., but at some point life happens, families, poor decision making, early parenthood, financial constraints for some while other live in an area that don’t foster the aspirations of the youth or adults for that matter. If we are to make something happen then we have to act on it soon before the body and mind slowly fades lost to yesterday wishes.

    • You are right, if you talk about youth dreams, but we can still dream, just in another way.
      Maybe one have wished to be a musician, artist etc for many years. It is never too late to start. Maybe it isn’t necessary to become famous any longer but just enjoy the art of doing.
      Others can wish to travel and see something special. If the dream is big enough, they might find a way to afford this travel even saving can be the way for a while.
      Dreams are many things Michael 🙂

  3. What I find hard is when my motivation exceeds my energy. Then anxiety strikes and my health suffers. It really is all about balance, no matter who you are. Good post, Irene. 🙂

  4. I love my dreams Irene. Some of them are just that, dreams. Some, are dreams because I never thought they would happen, they did, and it’s wonderful. I think dreams we can touch, and dreams we can smile thinking about, are both valuable. 🙂

    • You are right Colleen. What I also thought about were, when we become old or very sick, we can have a lot of regrets, if we didn’t try to live out some of our dreams. It is rare, that a dream stays forever, they change by time, and I find it is good to live so many out as possible. Nothing to regret.

      • That’s an excellent point. Our dreams do often change along the way. I don’t want to end up with regrets either. And striving for dreams will also give us those wonderful memories. 😉

  5. Wonderful thoughts dear Irene.. Loved this post of yours.. Yes even those who know how energy works can often get caught up within negativity which can bring them down.

    Learning to see the bright side of life even in troubling times helps us to rise above our problems and helps steer us along a more positive route.

    I only picked up a book I read that I needed to read again from the now late Dr Wayne Dyer whose work and books I so admire and who I have followed for many a year..
    The book I picked up again was Wishes Fulfilled .. and I can recommend it to any one who is wanting to change their lives around..

    Love and Blessings to you dear Irene.. xxx Many thanks for all your visits.. Enjoy a Happy Weekend xxx ❤ Sue x

    • Thank you Sue. I feel, that we need to remember to live, while we are still able to. Regrets later isn’t necessary, but often we need to kick ourselves to get through.
      Dr. Wayne Dyer was a great man and had some wonderful views at life, I agree.
      Thank you too for all your visits, dear Sue, you are much appreciated here 😀
      Love, Irene

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