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For first time in several months Odin and I went out for one of our longer walks yesterday. It has been to warm to walk for hours, but now the temperatures are going very fast down and it was nice to walk and see much more than usual

Remember that you can enlarge the photos by clicking at them


Of course I want to share with you, what we saw. Many Olive trees are now close to be ready for harvest, as you can see in the coming photos

IMG_20151015_185542 IMG_20151015_185153 IMG_20151015_185147

IMG_20151015_184655 IMG_20151015_184642

IMG_20151015_185550 IMG_20151015_185548

The Orange trees are also looking good. Most of the Orange are green yet, but big and look to be a good harvest, when ready, as you can se here


IMG_20151015_184008 IMG_20151015_183943 IMG_20151015_183847

Here you see a kindergarten for Orange Trees and a mountain behind

The nature is a little different in this area and some views are very beautiful



I hope that you enjoyed our walk


Comments on: "Olives & Orange in Spain – 15 Photos" (14)

  1. Wow beautiful and different scenery! I love the trees!

  2. I’ve never seen olives or oranges growing, so this was fascinating for me. Thank you for the glorious walk AND the education, Irene. Hugs to Odin.

  3. Always great to see these great nature photos, Irene and a very content Odin! 🙂

  4. Beautiful Irene. We lived in Tuscany for a year and participated in the olive and grape harvest. It was such a lovely experience to be apart of. Enjoy this time of year.

  5. Oh, for a fresh orange!

  6. These photos are beautiful!

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